Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence through machines, mostly computer systems. This includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction. In the world of education, AI has the potential to advance Christ-centered education in positive ways including personalized learning, adaptive assessment, language learning and translation, tutoring, and content creation. 


ACSI is honored to continue working with Cardus, a think tank dedicated to clarifying and strengthening  institutions such as education for the common good. Together, ACSI and Cardus are producing dynamic research regarding AI usage and perspective in ACSI member schools that will be provided is survey results this spring and a monograph this fall along with a panel discussion at FSi Houston.


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AI in Christian Schools


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Previous ACSI thought leadership work with Cardus:


Future Ready

Is your school future ready?

ACSI and Cardus are pleased to provide an excerpt from their ground-breaking research study called “Future Ready: Innovative Missions and Models in Christian Education.” The research in this book traces the stories of eleven Christian schools and networks that have engaged in fundamental mindset changes around what it means for Christian schools to be sustainable into the future.

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