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Maundy Thursday Day Of Prayer
March 29, 2018
"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain."Psalm 127:1 (NIV)

Thank you for participating in our Maundy Thursday Day of Prayer for the global Christian school movement. We are overwhelmed by the number of you who joined us to pray for our students, our schools, and our nations. Over 45 countries around the world were represented, hundreds of prayer requests were shared on the global prayer map, and thousands of you joined our live recording of prayer and worship with Aaron Keyes. We hope you will join us in continuing to "pray without ceasing" that God would be with Christian schools, teachers, leaders, students, parents, and others who play such an essential part in the ministry of Christian education.

Here's what your peers are saying...
"I wanted to share with you a wonderful story from our time of prayer last Thursday. We assembled our entire school at our outdoor cross on campus (PK-12, approximately 330 students) to pray for them. We held an invitation for any students who wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior, and at least a dozen students chose to do so. It was a fantastic way to begin our Easter vacation! Thank you for promoting and organizing this event. It was a special time for us at Modesto Christian!" —Jonathan Burton, Superintendent/HS Principal, Modesto Christian School

"This was not just a day of prayer - I believe it was a spiritual shift in the Christian education movement. When we unite together around the world, asking God to act on our behalf to fulfill His mission, we let the enemy know we are laying claim to the ground and students God has given us. The work that we do cannot be completed alone and requires the unity of our hearts and minds to stay encourage, effective, and yielded to what God wants to do in Christian education. We are excited to hear of what God revealed during this time and the miracles that will follow." —Michelle Worley, Executive Director of Operations & Faculty Instructor, School of Education, Liberty University

You can stay connected with the movement by...
  • Continuing to visit the prayer map to pray for your fellow Christians around the world.
  • Encouraging others by sharing your school's prayer story on social media using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.
  • Following us on Facebook to see how Christian schools all over the world have joined in with this prayer movement.

Join the Movement


Find a place to pray alone, with colleagues or with your student body.


Pray that God will bless the Christian school movement and raise up leaders in this great revival.


If praying with a group, consider capturing those special moments using your smartphone (short videos or photos are ideal).


Share those videos or photos on your school’s social media pages using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

Pray for One Another

Using the map below, you can share prayer requests with and discover prayer requests from Christian schools around the world. Please pray for another school.

Share a Prayer Request to the Map

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Prayer Requests

Ways to Pray

This Prayer Guide offers suggestions that will help you make the most of your participation in the Day of Prayer. You'll find ideas on

  • How to host an uplifting time of prayer for staff groups or students
  • Topics for prayer
  • Ways to make this a rich experience for all involved

However you pray, pray as Christ instructed us to pray: with boldness, that He may pour out His Holy Spirit.

Download the Prayer Guide

#SchoolsThatPray Prayer Guide

Worship and prayer with Aaron Keyes

In addition to joining us in prayer, thousands of people joined us for a time of live worship and prayer with Aaron Keyes, who lead a time of worship at Bethlehem Christian Academy in Bethlehem, GA. Aaron is a gifted worship leader and song writer. He and his band have traveled both nationally and internationally, leading worship and training leaders. Watch the video below!