Day of Prayer

Join the Movement

Join us in prayer. Whether you pray in private, with colleagues or with your students, you’ll join Christians around the world in spirit

Read our Prayer Guide for ideas on creating a meaningful Day of Prayer in your school

Read prayer requests on the Prayer Map below so that others can pray for you, and pray for others’ requests

Capture moments of prayer and encourage others by sharing them on social media with the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

However you pray, pray as Christ instructed us to pray: with boldness, that He may pour out His Holy Spirit.

Ways to Pray

This Prayer Guide offers suggestions and guidance to help you make the most of your participation in the Day of Prayer. You'll find ideas on:

  • How to host an uplifting time of prayer for staff, students, or your whole school community
  • How to set up prayer stations for group participation
  • Topics for prayer
  • Encouraging scriptures on the overflow theme
  • Ways to make this a rich experience for all involved