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Student Leadership & Learning Ep 4: Student Leadership Development - It Matters

A graduate of a Christian high school in Miami, Catherine Dorcinvil joins Emily Pigott to reflect on the positive impact of teachers and leadership development.

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Student Leadership & Learning Ep 3 | An Educator's Difference

Emily Pigott discusses the importance of relationship-building in making a difference as an educator. This generation yearns for relationships, but older methods of connecting may not work as well. Watch or listen to sharpen your relational skills!

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Student Leadership & Learning Ep 2 | An Educator’s Influence

Students don’t need us for information, they need us for wisdom. The second episode of the Student Leadership & Learning podcast explores educators' influence and how to cultivate it.

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Student Leadership & Learning Ep 1 | An Educator's Calling

Student Leadership & Learning Director Emily Pigott casts vision for the lofty & important calling that educators have.

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