Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are used by many professions as a measure of ongoing training required to maintain credentials. Some of the requirements in biblical or Educational studies can be met using CEUs. Typically, the training is provided through member schools, individuals or organizations recognized and approved to fulfill this role. The credit evaluation form you will receive with your certificate will indicate which requirements may be met with CEUs. 

ACSI has recognized many schools, individuals and organizations that can provide training and award CEUs in biblical or educational studies for ACSI educators. This process begins with the school, individual or organization completing and submitting the appropriate application form below.

How many in-class hours are required for a CEU?

Six hours of direct instruction are required for one CEU. Study assignments, reading, writing, and research time are not included in the six hours.

Looking for CEU Ideas?

ConNEXUS Premium: is ACSI's online learning platform. With an annual subscription to this learning tool you can earn ACSI approved CEUs 24/7. For more information on how you can get connected to ConNEXUS Premium please email:

ACSI Approved CEU Providers: The CEU Provider List has approved providers which ACSI teachers and administrators throughout the world have access to in order to earn CEUs in either education or Bible. This list is only Individual and Organization Providers. This list does not include School Providers.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This list is simply a tool for you to use if you are looking for additional CEU options. The approved courses on this list are only approved if you take them from that particular CEU Provider. Seeing a course on this list does not mean that you can take the course and receive CEUs. All courses must be approved specifically for the CEU Provider that would like to offer the course.  It is your responsibility to make sure the provider that you intend to take a course from is an approved CEU Provider. You can contact for confirmation. 

 The Biblical Studies Requirement Sheet will give you an overview of the types of courses that are accepted for Bible credit toward your ACSI certification. 

Florida Master In-Service Program

The ACSI Florida Region is pleased to offer a Master In-Service Program for those schools that have state-certified or ACSI certified teachers and administrators. The program is available through Education Enterprises and is approved through ACSI. The program allows teachers and administrators to earn in-service points and/or CEUs for workshops, classes, and conferences attended throughout the school year. These points/CEUs can then be used to renew Florida and/or ACSI certification. The Master In-Service Program also provides Clinical Education Training for those desiring to be approved for student teachers and for accredited schools to offer the Florida PECD Program. For more information on the ACSI Florida Master In-Service Program, please contact the district coordinator by phoning 1.877.765.1116.  

CEU Providers

Schools wishing to become approved Continuing Education Unit (CEU) providers must complete and submit the school application. Schools must be an ACSI member school to apply. The application for initial approval or renewal can be found below.

Organizations (churches, ministries, etc.) wishing to become approved CEU providers must complete and submit the organizational application with requested documentation. The application for initial approval or renewal can be found below.

Individuals wishing to become approved CEU providers must complete and submit the application below. Appropriate credentials will be required. To offer biblical studies CEUs, an individual must document that they have taken a minimum of 20 semester hours in biblical studies. For educational studies CEUs, individuals must show evidence of educational coursework and background. The application for initial approval or renewal can be found below.

ACSI Continuing Education Provider Application (to be used for both intial approval and renewal).  

Approved CEU providers may request the Model CEU Certificate document by contacting the CEU Coordinator. Please be aware however that all CEU Providers are requested to upload earned CEUs directly into the participants Virtual Professional Portfolio (VPP) rather than award a paper CEU certificate. All teachers in ACSI member schools have a VPP. If someone takes and completes a course offered by an ACSI approved CEU Provider who does not work for an ACSI member school and therefore does not have a VPP, a paper CEU Certificate can be awarded. 

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