Continuing Education Units

What are CEUs? Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are used by many professions as a measure of ongoing training required to maintain credentials. When you engage in professional learning activities with ACSI or ACSI authorized Providers, you'll earn CEUs recognizing your efforts toward growing as an educator. 

Can I use CEUs to renew my Certification? If you are renewing a two-year Temporary certification, only Bible CEUs will be accepted toward your renewal. Please note that a Bible Specialist certification requires individuals at the Temporary level to take Bible courses for college credit. If you have a five year Standard or Professional certificate, Bible and Education CEUs will be accepted toward your renewal. 

Who can I earn my CEUs from?

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  • Typically, online courses are provided by individuals or organizations recognized and approved to fulfill this role. ACSI keeps a list of these Provider's and how to contact them. If you would like a copy of this list please email your request to the ACSI CEU Coordinator.
  • If you work at an ACSI accredited or ACSI member school, please check with your administrator to see if your school is approved to offer courses for CEUs. Being an ACSI approved CEU Provider offers endless possibilities. Don't miss out!
  • Because knowing where to go can be confusing, please review this short list of general sources below. This will give you a better understanding of who you can take your courses from. 

ACSI will accept credits from one of these general sources 

1. A regionally accredited college/university - ACSI will accept your transcript or certificate awarded. This cannot be uploaded to your VPP

2. ConNEXUS Premium -  CNP is ACSI's online learning platform. With an annual subscription to this learning tool you will have 24/7 access to pre-approved CEUs. For more information on how to get registered with CNP, please contact our Member Care Team.  CNP will upload the earned CEUs into the participant's VPP upon completion of the viewing. 

3. A state-approved program - ACSI will accept paper CEU certificates awarded by the state-approved program. This cannot be uploaded into your VPP

4. An ACSI approved CEU Provider - ACSI will accept paper certificates from Organization Providers such as Lifeway, Insight for Living, etc. All school providers must upload CEUs for their approved courses into the participant's VPP. As of January 1, 2018, ACSI will no longer accept paper CEU certificates from member schools who are CEU Providers. More detail available here

Ready to claim ACSI CEUs you've already earned?

Receiving CEUs for ACSI Professional Development is quick and easy. Once you have completed the activity, visit the CEU claim form to submit your request for CEUs. Your CEUs will be awarded in your VPP by ACSI. Please keep in mind this is only if you earned CEUs from an ACSI event. 

Interested in becoming an ACSI approved CEU Provider?

ACSI has recognized many CEU Providers that can provide training and award CEUs in biblical or educational studies for ACSI educators. This process begins with the school, individual or organization completing and submitting the appropriate online application form.


CEU Certificates

As of January 1, 2018, ACSI does not accept paper CEU certificates from member school Providers. ACSI will accept certificates dated before January 1, 2018, if the course has been approved. All school and individual Providers must submit their course for approval before the course is offered and then upload the earned CEUs into the participant's Virtual Professional Portfolio (VPP).  Organization Providers may award paper CEU certificates for their approved courses and ACSI will accept them. Any approved Provider can award a paper CEU certificate if the participant in your course is not affiliated with an ACSI member school and does not have a VPP.  Approved CEU providers may request a Model CEU Certificate document by contacting the CEU Coordinator

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