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March is Re-enrollment Time

Re-Enrollment Stress? Are you feeling pressure related to re-enrollment at your school? Here is a short and helpful article with three practical tips to help you be effective in this critical area.   

Latest News on California AB 2230 (reprinted from January—many requests for this information) The lowest statewide annual salary for a fully-credentialed public school teacher we can find is $34,799. We are continuing to search throughout the state because some districts do a better job than others at making the information easily accessible to the public. CAPSO is currently engaged in political background work intended to produce a couple of clarifications to the language contained in AB 2230. One addresses the issue of part-time teachers, and the other addresses the reality that budgets are created and contracts executed well in advance of a new school year. We expect that CAPSO will be updating some of the information on their website to reflect legal guidance they are receiving relating to this law. As soon as it is available, our office will forward you the link to this updated legal guidance. We know that there will be no minimum salary requirement in effect (for private school teachers meeting all the remaining requirements of California Labor Code Section 515.8) between January 1, 2017, and July 1, 2017. We are working with CAPSO to have some of the technical amendments needed to the law so that they are in effect prior to the start of the 2017–18 school year.   

Major League Baseball Spring Training is Underway—Who is your favorite team? I attended my first professional baseball game at Candlestick Park in 1971. My lovely wife, DeAnna, is a lifetime LA Dodger fan but overcame her poor judgment in MLB teams to marry a good guy, who loves the Giants! Who is your favorite Major League Baseball Team? Take the survey to see how your vote compares to others in the California/Hawaii region.  

CAPSO's Beginners Guide to ESSA The Elementary and Secondary Schools Acts, also currently known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, is the law that enables private and public schools to request and receive funds for Federal Title Programs I-V. Here is a very useful webpage to help you understand the programs and navigate the process of applying for and benefitting from them.  

Brenda Barton Elected Southern California District #3 Representative Congratulations to Brenda Barton, who has been elected as the Southern California District #3 Representative to the California/Hawaii Regional Council. Brenda has worked in Christian education for the past 35 years, all at Lakewood Christian Schools in Long Beach. She began as support staff, taught 5th grade for 9 years, and created their middle school in 2003, where she served as Middle School principal for ten years. She is currently in her 4th year of administration at Lakewood Christian as K–8 principal. She has a unique perspective, having done nearly every job at the school, and loves seeing the miracles that God does in students and families' lives each year. Brenda and her husband, Geoff, have one daughter who attends California Baptist University.   

Professional Development Forum registration it expected to begin on May 1, 2017 We are providing some details for calendar and budget planning.  

Adventure Christian School—Roseville, CA September 28–29, 2017 

Hilton Anaheim—Anaheim, CA November 20-21, 2017

Professional Development Forum—Call to Present It is easier to submit a proposal this year! Considering a presentation at this year's PD Forum? We encourage you to consider how you may connect with your colleagues around new ideas at the Forum.  Consider what you have to share—your experience and knowledge may be just the help your colleague needs-then choose the delivery method that suits you and your information best. Submit your proposal and start preparing for this year's Forum!    

To provide more flexibility in matching your proposal content with the right delivery format to best reach your audience, we are offering five session style options. Please consider how your topic might best be addressed and how you might engage your audience interactively around it, then propose your session identifying the format best suited to your topic and audience.


Cecil Swetland, Ed.D.

Regional Director California/Hawaii

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Student Activities
ACSI Student Activities
Upcoming Worldwide Events
International Christian Educators Conference—Africa
Apr 6, 2017 - Apr 9, 2017

A high-quality professional development conference for teachers, administrators, and staff serving in international Christian schools around the world.

International School Leaders Conference
Apr 30, 2017 - May 3, 2017

High-quality conferences designed specifically for leaders in international Christian schools

PFO 2017
Jun 24, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017

An annual conference for teachers, boarding parents, administrators, and their families headed to international Christian schools

Upcoming California - Hawaii Region Events
Administrators Meet up Lunch: Woodland
Mar 27, 2017 - Mar 27, 2017

Northern CA Meet Up Lunch: Redding/Orland
Mar 29, 2017 - Mar 29, 2017

Northern CA Meet Up Lunch: Arcata
Mar 30, 2017 - Mar 30, 2017

Online Community Discussions 
Preschool Teacher Observation Form   
Does anyone have a good teacher observation form you use when it is time for yearly teacher observations?
Standardized Assessment of MS/HS Bible Curriculum  
I am interested to find out how different school assess Bible at the middle school and high school level. Which standardized test do you use for MS and HS Bible assessment? Do you assess at every grade level in middle school and high school? Does anyone conduct a comprehensive assessment at the end of the senior year as a high school exit exam? Are there ACSI standards in determining which grades need to assess Bible?
International Art Shows
I would like to join an international Art show and only see them in the USA based on regions. Can I join since I am from America? Can anyone tell me how I can start an International one so we can all see art from around the world? Let's glorify God in Art—Renee Smith at Hope International School in Cambodia    
Featured Member Benefit

ACSI proudly presents its Strategic Partnership Program, which includes companies carefully chosen to benefit you—our member schools—and to assist you in accomplishing your life-changing mission. Our goal is to proactively build long-term relationships with entities that thoughtfully align with the goals and purposes of Christian schooling and desire to assist you in your work as you educate the next generation of leaders.

ACSI's Strategic Partnership Program has four categories of organizations, National Corporate PartnersAffinity PartnersApproved Providers, and our newest category, Ministry Partners. You are encouraged to contact all of our partners and providers and see how they can provide additional services to your school ministry.

Featured Resources
48.8 Essential Training Areas for Children

Especially when my three children were younger, I always welcomed wisdom on how to raise them to honor and serve the Lord as adults. Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), has created a model for deliberately training young people; I’m sure you’ll find his ideas practical. —Dan

48.7 Equipping Your Child for the Race

We’re raising our children in extremely challenging times: ungodly ways abound and loud voices hail those ways as right. How do you train children to live godly lives so when they’re old, they won’t depart from wisdom? Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), has developed a practical way to do that, and I’ve invited him to share it here. —Dan

48.6 Synergy-creating Family Practices

When it comes to raising godly children, many factors are outside our control. Even so, there are several things we, as parents, can do that will go a long way toward reaching this goal. Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas) and author of Running with the Horses, offers some insights here. —Dan

Board Training
On-going board training is one of the most important professional development issues facing our Christian schools.  ACSI provides board training through the regional offices.  We focus on board roles and responsibilities, and try to help boards understand their critical role in policy governance. 
Contact the Regional Office for more information.
Host or Chair a Student Activies Event!
The ACSI Student Activities program is dependent on member schools serving as host sites for events! In order to fully serve all of the schools and students who wish to participate in Student Activities, we are always interested in adding additional sites and finding new chairs