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Stories have long been used to build connections, spur groups to improvement, and capture the history of a population. With a network of over 2,300 Christian schools around the world and an association celebrating over 40 years of providing support to these schools, we have a large collection of stories out there waiting to be told.

ACSI wants to share the stories found within our community. We have begun showcasing the work being done both with our schools and within the association, and are bringing a variety of highlights to you. Learn about what your fellow schools are doing, how they are using ACSI offerings and the impact they are having. Hear more about what our ACSI departments are doing, and a look at the people behind the association.

Join us in learning more about the people of our association! We look forward to strengthening our connections!

Featured Story

Students in India Soar Because of Christian Education

Our school is located in a community where the average daily income of the families living there is much below the national Index.

God has been gracious to bless us with a own building, which helps us in reaching out to students who are below the poverty line. Our work in empowering students in this area has been fulfilling. We've had our students fare well in academics and sports in district and state levels.

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