Barna Research Report

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This landscape study of K-12 education and the factors impacting school choice will help educators understand what parents value, their perceptions of different school types, and their motivations and barriers to choosing Christian education. Multiple Choice: How Parents Sort Education Options in a Changing Market includes findings from survey research with:

  • 971 parents of current ACSI schools
  • 400 parents of prospective students
  • 221 parents of homeschooled students
  • 483 senior pastors of mostly Protestant churches

ACSI is pleased to offer the results and implications of this study to its members and constituents as a guide for navigating the future landscape of Christian education. Our prayer is that insights gleaned from this groundbreaking research will assist educators in fulfilling their mission and thereby making a Kingdom impact in the lives of their students.

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Over the past few decades, several trends have increasingly come to shape the landscape for private Christian education in the United States. ACSI commissioned Barna Group, a research company with three decades of experience tracking issues of faith and culture, to explore these trends more deeply, providing concrete data to inform schools about the faith and education dynamics of American parents.