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Graduate Student Research Protocol

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Specific guidelines have been established which address the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants in all qualified research conducted by graduate students who wish to use participants from ACSI member schools. The protection of human participants includes the rights to privacy, the need for informed consent, confidentiality of data, and protection against physical, psychological, spiritual, social, or legal risks. The safeguarding and confidentiality of records and data collected on individuals and groups, the use of such data by the investigator conducting the original research, and the use of the data are all considered within the scope of this policy.

In order to comply with these guidelines, the following protocol has been established for the approval of research projects involving member school participants:

  • Submit a complete "ACSI Graduate Student Research Proposal" along with a copy of your proposal approved by your committee
  • Proposals for research involving minimal risk may be eligible for expedited review
  • Proposals for research involving more than minimal risk or studies involving vulnerable populations or sensitive topics will be subject to a full review
  • All research projects must be approved prior to commencement of data collection
  • Consideration for approval is dependent on current research initiatives of ACSI and other approved research proposals

Graduate Student Research Proposal Guidelines

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