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By: Josh Worden

More than 500 educators learned from respected speakers and discussed how to establish a biblical worldview in their Christian schools at the Rooted Educator Worldview Summit, held in Black Mountain, North Carolina, from June 24-27. 

Hosted by ACSI and the Colson Center, the Rooted Summit provided resources and ideas for facilitating spiritual formation in Christian schools and consistent application of a biblical worldview, especially on topics like sexuality, mental health, and personal identity.

The conference was anchored by eight keynote speeches, plus panel discussion, breakout sessions, and opportunities for networking and dialogue.

“I think the most difficult topics we’re working through in our society, and therefore in our schools, are being wrestled with here,” said Jason Nave, the Head of School at Crossings Christian School in Oklahoma. “We’ve got to tackle these things biblically."

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Sean McDowell, discussed the changes in culture and Christian education, including personal identity.

“Authority has shifted from external to yourself: To how I feel, to how I think,” McDowell said during his presentation. “I’m asking you to look at things with fresh eyes, to maybe tweak some things, and weave in a worldview intentionally amidst what you’re doing.”

The Rooted Summit provided practical tools and encouragement on how educators can capitalize on opportunities in their schools.

“I look at the landscape and I am absolutely convinced that this is a golden opportunity for Christian education that I have not seen in my lifetime,” said Dr. John Stonestreet, the President of the Colson Center.

When ACSI President & CEO Dr. Larry Taylor opened his presentation, he urged attendees to reflect on their salvation experience.

“Let’s never forget our personal experience in Christ and never forget our opportunity that God has blessed us with: To introduce and model, for our students and parents, relationship with Christ,” Taylor said.

Other speakers discussed expressive individualism, critical theory, human sexuality, and more, from a variety of teachers and current Christian thought leaders.

“It’s like the bestsellers are all here in one place speaking on what it means to have a Christian worldview,” said Geoff Peet, Executive Principal of Maitland Christian School in Australia.

“I’ve never taken so many notes at a conference,” said Shawn Minks, the Head of School at Cambridge Christian School in Florida. “I’m on my phone typing notes and my thumbs are sore.”

The conference was held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“I love the setting that we’re in. It’s beautiful here. You really get the sense that you’re away and it’s easy to focus on the topics at hand,” said Alyson Crews, the Director of Elementary Student Ministries at the King’s Academy in Florida.

The attendees at the Summit represented 413 schools, with travelers coming from six different countries and 30 states within the U.S.

ACSI and the Colson Center look forward to providing more opportunities to equip educators in their own biblical worldview and enhancing spiritual formation in their schools. To see upcoming events, find resources and more, visit acsi.org/BeRooted.