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By: Josh Worden

If you pushed off your professional development or extra reading until summer break—and who could blame you if so?—here are some ideas for your summer reading list.

Find some great options on how to incorporate biblical worldview in your classroom, learn from real-life testimonials from Christian schools pursuing alternative delivery models, and unpack the ideal ways to combine the joint approach of home, church, and school.

These options and more can be found on the Purposeful Design Publications website. Special deals are available until June 30 for the Spring Savings Annual Textbook Sale. 

For teachers 

  • Teaching Redemptively, by Donovan L. Graham (3rd edition) — This book focuses on how to incorporate biblical principles into all areas of education, reflecting God's character in both process and content. As a bonus, it can help you with ACSI Teacher Certification: Teaching Redemptively meets the requirement for reading on the first part of the Christian Philosophy of Education checklist

  • Walking with God in the Classroom, by Harro Van Brummelen — Apply a biblical worldview to the role of the teacher, classroom structure, learning models, curriculum development, and student assessment. 

For leaders 

  • Future Ready: Innovative Missions and Models in Christian Education, by Dr. Lynn E. Swaner, Dr. Jon Eckert, Erik Ellefsen, and Dr. Matthew H. Lee — The research in this book traces the stories of eleven Christian schools and networks that have engaged in fundamental mindset changes around what it means for Christian schools to be sustainable into the future. 

  • Flourishing Together, by Dr. Lynn E. Swaner and Andy Wolfe — How do students, educators, and schools flourish together, especially in an era of increased standardized testing, alarming student disengagement, and growing teacher burnout? The goal of this book is to call Christian educators back to a deeper vision of flourishing within a robust theological framework, with the practical guidance necessary for implementation in schools.

For all educators 

  • MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education by Dr. Lynn E. Swaner, Dan Beerens, and Erik Ellefsen — Sixty leading educators journeyed together for two years through a MindShift, a transformational process of dialogue and exploration pioneered by futurist Rex Miller. Complete with case stories and reflection questions, this book shares insights on how schools can provide a deeper and more authentic Christian education, share stories of love and hope with their neighbors, and catalyze the growth of the church and the Kingdom. 

  • Rethinking Discipleship by Dr. Alan Pue — Explore the importance of shepherding a child’s heart by looking at the biblical principles that should drive behavior, values, and beliefs. Plus, read how a joint approach of home, church, and school is foundational to Christ-centered education and weaving faith into every aspect of life. 

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