ACSI Early Educator Membership

(Formerly IACEE, an individual ACSI membership offering)

Who is this for?

The ACSI Early Educator Membership is for the faith-based individual who influences children birth to age 8 (around third grade). Whether you are a teacher for an early education program, a church volunteer or parent, individual membership can provide you with a wealth of valuable content along with a community of like-minded new friends.

If you are needing to meet CDA requirements, this individual membership is for you. If your school has ACSI school membership, please contact the early education office to validate membership to a professional organization.

What does membership provide?

  • Early Educator Community & Resources ($164 value)
    Gain access to posters, lesson plans, literature activities, teacher evaluations, award certificates, training, and more. There’s more than 70 hours of early education content. View sample resources.

  • ACSI Online Community
    Gain new ideas and share your expertise as you connect online in a peer group environment.

  • Career Center
    Find positions that fit your calling and passion.

  • Digital Legal Legislative Update
    Learn the latest information on public policy and legal affairs that impact early education.

  • Member Discount for ACSI Events & Resources
    Whether it’s a professional development event, a textbook, or a teacher resource, as a member, you’ll receive a discount on most ACSI opportunities.

  • Certification
    Earn an initial Early Educator Teacher or Director certificate.

  • Earn clock hours/CEUs
    ACSI offers professional development opportunities to earn clock hours and continuing education units (CEUs).

  • CDA Requirement Fulfillment
    ACSI Early Educator Membership meets CDA requirements of having membership in a professional organization. As part of your membership, you'll receive a certificate to display in your classroom or office.

How much does it cost? $60 per year. Annual membership is based on the date you join. Simply complete an application and become an ACSI Early Educator Member Today!


Please contact the ACSI Care Team at 1-800-367-0798 or careteam@acsi.org for any help you may need. Also, did you know that ACSI offers Christian School membership? Learn more.