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We are pleased to announce our finalized ACSI Inspire accreditation protocol. The revision process took several years and included research, drafting and revision, multiple stages of feedback, and pilot school visits. The new protocol aligns with ACSI's Flourishing Schools research. With Inspire, we are moving away from a 'compliance-based' protocol into a more reflective and collaborative process for schools and visiting teams.


Accreditation Manuals & Handbooks

If you have interest in applying for ACSI Accreditation, please contact the appropriate Divisional Accreditation Team or complete our online inquiry form

ACSI Inspire Standards Manual (2023)

ACSI Inspire School Handbook

ACSI Inspire Team/Chair Handbook

Standards & Indicators Checklist (printable/fillable; 2023)

Standards and Indicators Checklist (online version; 2023)

Accreditation Training Videos

Required Resources

Self-Study Tools

Inspire Self-Study Report Template
-  SAMPLE Self-Study Report

Purpose Domain

Guidelines & Requirements for Governance (Standard 3)

Teaching and Learning Domain

Guidelines & Expectations for Instruction from Outside Sources (Standard 7)

Guidelines for Outside Contracted Teachers (Standards 7 and 12)

Expertise Domain

Standard 11 Checklist (Standard 11)

IRS Nondiscrimination Requirements (Standard 11)

Definitions and Screening for Volunteers (Standard 11)

Meeting Indicator 12.2 (school leadership and faculty qualifications) (Standard 12)

Certification FAQ (2024)

       Certification Documents Webpage (for more information on CPoE checklist, requirements charts, etc.)

Request for Faculty Waiver (Standard 12; if applicable)

Resources Domain

Meeting Indicator 14.3 (requirements for financial review/audit)  (Standard 14)

Helpful Resources

Please note: Several of the resources below are provided by, or link directly to, organizations outside of ACSI. These resources are intended to assist schools in thinking through various aspects of appropriate ways to comply with specific standards and indicators in ACSI’s accreditation protocol. The presence of these resources on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any outside organization, or an endorsement of any external links provided by the outside organizations.


Evidence Guide

Guidelines for Substantive Change in Accredited Schools

Reflective Questions

Self-Study Tools

School Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet

Purpose Domain

Assessment of Expected Student Outcomes (Standard 1)

The Value of Expected Student Outcomes (Standard 1)

Spiritual Formation Assessment (Standards 1 and 2)

Sample Conflict of Interest Policies (provided by ECFA) (Standards 3 and 11)

Sample Conflict of Interest Policies (provided by Nonprofit Risk Management Center) (Standards 3 and 11)

Relationships Domain

Conducting Demographic Assessments (Standard 5)

FSCI and Accreditation (Standard 5)

Guidelines for Survey Administration, Analysis, and Application (Standard 5)

Teaching and Learning Domain

Guidelines for Teaching Bible (Standard 7)

Resource for Curriculum Review (Standard 8)

Guidelines for Assessment Data Collection, Analysis, and Application (Standard 9)

The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment Free webinar by Dr. Mike Ruyle, Marzano Research Associate (Marzano resources will be promoted) (Standard 9)

School-Based Professional Development (Standard 10)

Expertise Domain

Student Records Retention (Standard 11)

Policy Manual Guidelines (Standards 11 and 12)

Nondiscrimination for Hiring (Standard 12)

Succession Planning and Leadership Development (Standard 12)

Resources Domain

Safety Resources (provided by Church Mutual) (Standard 16)

Well-Being Domain

Armed Intruder Preparedness (provided by Church Mutual) (Standard 18)

Post-Visit Forms and Documents

Accreditation Team Visit Evaluation Form (online version)

Guidelines for Substantive Change in an Accredited School

Substantive Change Notification Form
    ** If you are dually accredited, please check with your Divisional office first to see if you need to complete a separate form!


EE Accreditation Documents

ACSI is now recognized by the Department of Defense for the military fee assistance program. For information can be found here: Department of Defense.

Inspire EE Addendum

Supporting Documents for EE

Schools that will use the Inspire EE Addendum in the fall of 2023 or Spring of 2024 can use the EE Self-Study Template Below:

You can also contact your Division's Accreditation Director for additional information or assistance.

Additional Addendum Documents

Inspire Early Education Addendum (more documents are located in the tab above "EE Accreditation Documents")

Inspire Online Addendum

Inspire ISP Addendum

Inspire Hybrid Addendum

Inspire Residential Addendum

Tips for Residential Team Chairs & Team Members

Tips for Residential Coordinators

SAMPLE Residential Philosophy Statements


Please note: Use of an ACSI alternate accreditation protocol, endorsement protocol, or addendum may require ACSI to add visiting team members with specialized training, knowledge, or experience that would need to travel from a greater distance than team members on a typical visiting team. Reasonable travel expenses would need to be accounted for accordingly and reimbursed by the school.

Annual Report Documents
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Please note: All Inspire as well as REACH documents are the property of ACSI. ACSI grants permission for the use of these documents, in their published form, by ACSI member schools, and other Christian schools, for the purpose of ACSI accreditation and individual school improvement. These documents may not be incorporated into other accreditation instruments or used for personal or corporate gain. ACSI reserves the right to revoke permission of use at its discretion.