"ACSI certification matters. An educator carrying ACSI certification is more likely to have a more biblical view of God, man, and ethics." Doctoral Dissertation by Dr. Mitch Evans, Southeastern Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.  2015.

The purpose of ACSI Certification is to strengthen Christian schools by credentialing educators who meet established professional and biblical requirements which promotes continued professional learning and increased effectiveness. Hand holding appleEstablishing and maintaining the certification of staff and administration is an essential step toward professional credibility and growth. Education is a process.  Just as we encourage our students to grow and become life–long learners, we want to set the same example as their teachers and leaders.

ACSI certification establishes a framework for professional growth to occur over time, just like continuous school improvement.

The K–12 certification process begins with an initial application, copies of all official college/university transcripts, and a fee of $75. A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college/university is required to receive an initial certification. All coursework is evaluated and, depending on what courses have been taken, an individual will be granted the highest level of certification their coursework qualifies them to receive. (EE certification process)

When a certificate is issued, it will include renewal and/or upgrade requirements.

Temporary certificates are valid for 2 years and are renewable. Depending on an individual's previous work, renewal requirements may include:

*Semester hours in biblical studies are required for renewing a Bible Specialist certification.

The amount and specifics for renewal/upgrade will be listed on the bottom portion of each certificate.

Standard and Professional certificates are valid for 5 years and are renewable. Renewal requirements are:

  • 5 CEUs in educational studies
  • 5 CEUs in biblical studies

There are a variety of ways to obtain CEUs. Take a look at both online and onsite K–12 Professional Development opportunities offered by colleges and universities that are part of ACSI's Higher Education Approval Program. 

How do I begin? Start the certification process today and begin the journey toward being the best professional Christian educator possible. (First year faculty and administrators have a grace period for the first school year they are hired. Please check with your administrator before applying for certification.)

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"Christian teachers will also be students who are continually growing in their own mental development." Philosophy & Education: an introduction in Christian perspective.  George R. Knight.  2006.

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