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At ACSI, we know that Professional Development is important to our Christian educators.  We also know that quality professional development comes at a cost.  In an ideal world, we would want to see our schools allocate more than 1.5% of their budget toward professional development for their staff.  For school leaders this is a difficult tension to manage.  We want to help.  This page is designed to provide a couple of avenues to consider in funding your professional development.

Title II-A Funding:

Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) receive federal funds under the program Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund – which provides for professional development.  This program exists under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and is required to provide for equitable participation of private school teachers.  

The available funds in a district are divided into a “per pupil” amount using the total number of public and private school students served in the district. Private school students are only included in this number if the school which they attend indicates to the LEA (annually) that they wish to participate.  Once a “per pupil” total is determined, participating schools may request funding for eligible professional development programs and activities.  ACSI has provided a Guide to help school leaders navigate the process of securing Title Funding. 

Title II-A Guide

ACSI Financial Assistance: 

ACSI provides financial assistance for professional development events to enable and encourage diverse attendance at Professional Development (PD) events, thus accurately representing the full membership of ACSI.   Our desire is to provide effective stewardship over the resources associated with all professional development programs by providing an effective process for awarding financial assistance. 

The process involves:

  1. Access the application form
  2. Completing the application.  You will need to know:
    •  The percentage of gross tuition allocated to financial assistance in your school this year
    • The percentage of the school’s budget dedicated to staff professional development this year
    • The per/staff member allocation for professional development in your school this year
    • The percentage of operating budget covered by fundraising in your school this year
  3. Submitting the application

Once the application is received, the data is entered into a rubric to determine whether the school qualifies for an award and the exact percentage of that award.  Schools can be offered up to 75% of the cost of a PD event.


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Funding Your Professional Development