Advocacy initiatives of ACSI encompass a broad range of efforts answering the question “Why Christian education matters?" Our focus in the Public Policy & Legal Affairs Department, is in teaching and defending the legal and cultural basis for parental choice, private school autonomy and religious liberty through school trainings and engagement with legislatures, regulators, and the courts.

State Networks

Education policy is inherently local and building our collective voices on a state-by-state basis will impact local policy. Our goal is to continue adding new state networks of Christian schools so Christian school voices can be heard by policy makers.

State Networks

ACSI Engagement

ACSI is at the forefront of advocating a space for Christian Education.  ACSI regularly submits formal communications to policymakers, elected officials and courts which address various concerns and legislation affecting religious education, nonprofits and religious freedom. We partner with like-minded organizations to increase our voice on important issues.  

ACSI Engagement

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There are many ways in which YOU can make a difference in the US laws that affect Christian education.

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Topics to Follow
Generally speaking, religious liberty is at the core of many issues affecting ChristIan education.
  • ACSI Memo July 8 2020 on Supreme Court Decision on Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Agnes Morrissey-Berru (Ministerial Exception)
  • ACSI Legal Resources on Religious Liberty
  • Recommended resource:  Alliance Defending Freedom

    Other key topics to follow:

    Cultural Issues

    School Choice