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We appreciate your membership and involvement in ACSI, and we pray that you'll find support and encouragement in your regional family. In the Quick Links menu on the left you'll find the information you need to connect, grow personally and as a school, find specialized resources you may need, and more. Please don't hesitate to contact our office if you have questions or need support. May God bless you as you minister to His children!


  • Register now for the 2018 Southeast EE Conference to be held on Friday & Saturday, February 23-24 at Northwood Academy in Summerville, SC. Friday the 23rd will be the 'Directors Day' and Saturday the full conference. This will be a great time of fellowship, collaboration, and training for directors and early educators...don't miss out!
  • On Friday, March 2nd at Spartanburg Christian School (SC), ACSI will be partnering with Axis for an exclusive 1-day CULTURAL LITERACY conference. This 1-day event is designed to help Christian teachers and administrators become culture translators, equipping them to model and disciple students in 'thinking biblically' about the world around them. Join us to develop your own framework for thinking about cultural issues, and learn from the Axis senior team of translators in this hands-on, collaborative learning opportunity. Keep an eye on your inbox for more registration information coming your way soon!
  • The resources ACSI provides through our student activities program can enhance what educators are teaching in the classroom. Partnering with member schools, the SE Region is able to provide over 100 events throughout our seven state region. There is still time and space available to sign up for events. Check them out and sign your students up today!


Student Activities
Upcoming Worldwide Events
International School Leaders Conference–Europe
Apr 29, 2018 - May 2, 2018

Professional development, encouragement, and networking for the international Christian school leader.

Upcoming Southeast Region Events
ACSI Early Education Conference—Summerville
Feb 23, 2018 - Feb 24, 2018

ACSI Early Education Conference—Summerville

ACSI National Spelling Bee
May 5, 2018 - May 12, 2018

The ACSI Spelling Bee exists to help students develop good spelling habits, awareness of accurate word usage and pronunciation, and grace under the pressure of competition.

Online Community Discussions 
Extended Leave of Absence During School Break  
I have International students leaving for Christmas break as early as 12/14/17 when our last day of school is 12/20/17. Some of them also return a few days after school resumes. What are your thoughts about students going home for extended time and missing school?
Cell Phones...Arghhhh   
Would any of you be willing to share your cell phone policies for students please?  We have a no cell phone policy unless a teacher ask the students to bring them to class for a project.  The phones must be off and in their lockers throughout the academic day.
Job Descriptions for Enrollment Marketing
We're looking to expand our enrollment marketing team. I'd be grateful for some sample job descriptions from the community. We're considering an enrollment marketing specialist (or similar), and/or a director of enrollment marketing. If you've got job descriptions that are similar, I'd be grateful to see copies.
Featured Member Benefit

ACSI proudly presents its Strategic Partnership Program, which includes companies carefully chosen to benefit you—our member schools—and to assist you in accomplishing your life-changing mission. Our goal is to proactively build long-term relationships with entities that thoughtfully align with the goals and purposes of Christian schooling and desire to assist you in your work as you educate the next generation of leaders.

ACSI's Strategic Partnership Program has four categories of organizations, National Corporate PartnersAffinity PartnersApproved Providers, and our newest category, Ministry Partners. You are encouraged to contact all of our partners and providers and see how they can provide additional services to your school ministry.

Featured Resources
49.4 A Heart of Thanksgiving

Gratitude: it’s one of my favorite topics because it has such power to effect change in our hearts, in others, in our communities, and even in our schools. I’ve invited Jay Ferguson, headmaster of Grace Community School (Tyler, Texas), to write about gratitude as we enter the Thanksgiving season here in the U.S. —Dan

49.3 Bursting the Bubble

It’s a question many Christian parents have asked: By having my kids attend a Christian school, am I nurturing them and equipping them for life in secular society, or am I potentially harming them by shielding them from it? Jay Ferguson, headmaster of Grace Community School (Tyler, Texas), addresses that question head-on in this issue. I hope you’ll consider his excellent points.

49.2 The Back-to-School Tree

You’ve made a fantastic, eternity-impacting decision by enrolling your kids in a Christian school. But how do you maximize your investment? I’ve invited Jay Ferguson, headmaster of Grace Community School (Tyler, Texas) to outline a few deliberate actions you can take to do so this school year. —Dan

Pivot: New Directions for Christian Education

PivotChristian education is undergoing massive change-and that change is accompanied by both peril and opportunity.
The 2017 Global Christian School Leadership Summit gathered Christian school leaders to envision the future of Christian education and answer crucial questions facing the movement. The conclusion: Christian education needs to change course.

Pivot: New Directions for Christian Education compiles and expands upon the insights of the GCSLS, making the thought leadership of this unique conference available to anyone.

New ACSI Blog Posts

Demonstrating Good Will Through Community-Focused Campaigns

Teri O'Connor 

Schools and children are at the heart of every community, so demonstrating care for your community is a worthwhile undertaking that can reap the benefits of awareness and good will. While it is detrimental for a school to be "the best kept secret" in a community, guarding against the perception that we only care about our school, our kids, our objectives, and ourselves is equally important. Read more...

Insights from Humanizing the Education Machine

Rex Miller

There is little debate that education needs an overhaul. But where would you begin? That was the question faced by participants of our K12 MindShift summit on the future of learning. We brought together 40 diverse leaders to set aside our assumptions, baggage, and differences and to take on a mission that not only transformed our lives but-we hope-will inspire other leaders who feel stuck in an outdated system of education unresponsive to change. Read more...