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Meet Your Eastern Division Team

Leadership Staff

Eastern Division | 719.867.6173

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P.O Box 62249 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Leadership Staff



Chuck Gilliam

Senior Director, Eastern Division
Chuck provides consultation and professional support services to member schools, their boards, and executive staff leaders. He is your trusted advisor for Christian School leader issues.

He organizes and facilitates Leadership Network Meetings, webinars, and other gatherings of ACSI school leaders. In addition, he plans for your professional growth events and round tables that challenge and stretch. Let him know what you need – he is always available to member school leaders and boards.

He has his ear to the ground to identify emerging needs to coordinate the delivery of member services and benefits with ACSI HQ and other ACSI offices. He wants to know what services are most important to you, now and into the future.

Chuck is your leadership resource – you can talk with him anytime about administrative or board issues, concerns, and needs. He has served over 20 years in Christian education with 12 years as Head of School and knows the pressures and demands of school leadership.


David Ray

Assistant Vice President, USA

David serves as the Assistant Vice President of ACSI USA as well as the Director for Florida. With over 45 years of Christian education experience, he provides support, encouragement, and consultation to schools and leaders on a variety of educational topics. As a former head of school, David can relate to the needs of boards, leadership teams, faculty, as well as family and students, and is able to provide helpful and practical solutions to challenges and opportunities they may be facing.

David is available to lead board trainings, strategic planning sessions, as well as faculty in-service opportunities. He also provides opportunities for school leaders to gather either virtually or in-person at Leadership Network Meetings, Leader Roundtables, and Leadership Network Lunches that are held throughout the academic year. 

In addition, David and his state Advocacy Team are constantly monitoring both Florida and national legislation that could affect Christian schools. David represents ACSI with the Florida Association of Academic Non-Public Schools and the Florida Department of Education.


Carol Aversa

Director, Eastern Division
Northeast Director of Accreditation

Carol serves as a supportive partner of Heads of School, board, and school leadership teams in the eastern division, primarily focusing on the states from Maine to Maryland.  She additionally serves as a school growth consultant and as a strategic connector. As a former Christian school administrator, Carol can anticipate, understand, and address the unique needs of Christian school educators and leaders. 


Mame McMillan

Executive Assistant to Chuck Gilliam

Mame is your go-to person for all Eastern Division member needs, including using the website, updating your school contact information, professional development offerings, and more. Mame handles all divisional communications and is always ready and happy to assist you.

Lynne M

Lynne Moyer

Accreditation Executive Assistant, Northeast

Lynne joyfully supports all schools from Maine to Maryland in all things ACSI related. Lynne works closely with schools to direct them to the best resources to fit their needs.

Early Education

Early Education


Cindy Barnum

Sr. Coordinator of Early Education

Cindy counts it an honor and privilege to serve early educators in their Kingdom call. With over 30 years of educational experiences, Cindy pours into educators by providing resources, support, and encouragement from the wisdom and experiences the Lord has given her in Christian early education leadership. Cindy and her husband have both served in Christian education through a variety of roles in NY, VA, TN, and Norway. She loves worshipping, hiking, skiing, and spending time with their seven grandchildren.

Student Leadership & Learning

Student Leadership & Learning



Jana Csehy

Student Leadership & Learning Coordinator

Jana serves as the Student Leadership & Learning Coordinator for all 20 states in the Eastern Division.  She collaborates with member schools and universities to advance the educational mission by providing enrichment and experiential events beyond the classroom. Along with the Student Leadership & Learning team, Jana strives to equip students with valuable skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and service. Through participation, students discover their talents, reinforce their biblical worldview, and increase their cultural influence for Jesus.  Check out their website for more information or contact Jana directly.


Accreditation Team




Carol Aversa

Director of Accreditation, Northeast

Carol assists schools with every aspect of the school improvement process and provides oversight and direction for the accreditation process in the eastern division, primarily focusing on the states from Maine to Maryland. Whether you have questions about the accreditation process your school is engaged in, or simply interested in the process, reach out to Carol.

Lynne M

Lynne Moyer

Accreditation Executive Assistant, Northeast

Lynne joyfully supports schools from Maine to Maryland with every aspect of accreditation. Contact Lynne if you have any questions about the accreditation process your school is engaged in, or if you want more information about the accreditation process. School improvement is exciting; join the journey!


Linda Reedy

Linda Reedy

Director of Accreditation, Southeast

Linda is responsible for the eight states in the SE region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Caribbean.

Lynn Harding

Coordinator, Southeast

Lynn joyfully supports schools in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Caribbean with all things accreditation including annual reports, visiting teams, faculty waivers, and new inquiries into accreditation. Contact Lynn if you have a question about an accreditation change in your school’s accreditation info or if you’re interested in finding out more about how to become ACSI accredited. She is here to help you.


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