REACH 2.1 Accreditation Training

Accreditation Specialists:

Below you will find videos and PowerPoint presentations for training for ACSI's accreditation protocol and ePlatform.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail your regional accreditation manager or 

Training Videos/PowerPoint Presentations

ePlatform Team Training #1

ePlatform School Self-Study Training

REACH 2.1: What's New in Early Education 

Certification and Waivers

Writing Commendations and Recommendations

Accreditation Chair Training, Part 1

Accreditation Chair Training, Part 2

Accreditation Chair Training, Part 3

Accreditation Team Training, Part 1

Accreditation Team Training, Part 2

Accreditation Team Training, Part 3

Setting Up Google Drive for a Team Visit (Team Chair)