Flourishing School Culture Initiative

A flourishing Christian school is a community of students, educators, and families that glorifies Christ and excels in knowing Him, and making Him known. Though such a community happens entirely by His grace, it does not happen at all by accident.

The Flourishing School Culture Initiative will

  • Identify the elements of school culture that contribute to schools' flourishing and

  • Develop a robust roadmap to flourishing based on empirical research in Christian schools.

Our goal is to help more schools to flourish — measurably.

Flourishing School Culture Instrument

After completing a comprehensive review of the academic literature and expected Christian school outcomes, ACSI's research and thought leadership teams have developed a pre-validated assessment, the results of which will be used to develop a predictive instrument that will measure factors that contribute to school flourishing.

We are fielding the assessment this fall, and Christian schools from around the U.S. are invited to apply to participate.

Get Involved

ACSI has secured funding for a limited number of schools to participate in this fall's fielding of the assessment free of charge.

What you'll get

  • Advance access to key national insights revealed by the assessment (spring-summer, 2019)

  • A school-level report showing your school's Flourishing School Culture results benchmarked alongside national averages (fall, 2019), including

    • Insights on your school culture that can inform your school improvement and strategic planning efforts

    • Evidence of your school's unique strengths, that can be shared with prospective families and members of your school community

What you'll need to do

  • Promote the assessment links to staff, students, parents and alumni during the months of October, November, and December, 2018.

    • Schedule time for staff and students to participate

    • Issue 2-3 invitations to parents and alumni (depending on response rates)

We'll make it easy

  • Data from all segments is fed into a single repository, requiring no attention from you or your team.

  • ACSI will walk your school through the process of participating, working directly with the designated point-of-contact at your school.

  • ACSI will provide detailed instructions, sample language for promotion, assessment links, and timeframes for administration — everything you need to successfully promote the research.

  • School-level reports will be shared only with the school leadership and will not be made publicly available. Additionally, no individual responder within your school will be identifiable in the report.


How is this initiative different from the Formative-to-Flourishing School Framework?

The Formative-to-Flourishing School Framework was developed in the 2015-2016 school year and has proven helpful to schools as a self-reflective tool, encouraging them to ask thoughtful questions about their culture and improvement trajectory.

The Flourishing School Culture Initiative will identify and measure the factors that lead to flourishing school cultures and, in time, provide schools with a robust roadmap to get there.