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Legal/Legislative Department

Thomas J. Cathey, Ed.D., Director for Legal/Legislative Issues
PO Box 65130
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-5130
Phone: 719.528.6906 x201 Fax: 719.531.0631

Philip Scott, Esq., Assistant Director for Legal/Legislative Issues
PO Box 65130
Colorado Springs, CO 80920-5130
Phone: 719.528.6906 x276

P. George Tryfiates, Director of Government Affairs
1015 Fifteenth St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202.558.7040
Mobile: 202.497.9521

Legal Legislative & Advocacy
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Legal Legislative Services

ACSI identifies and analyzes a broad array of national, legal, and legislative issues. In Colorado Springs, Dr. Tom Cathey, ACSI's director for Legal/Legislative Issues, and Philip Scott, assistant director, track legislation for all 50 states. Reports are generated for each state and are available under Legislative Tracking. The team also produces Legal Legislative Update, which is mailed to member schools three times annually and is available in the Legal Resources section. Dr. Cathey and Mr. Scott are also available to answer questions from schools via phone or email. In Washington, D.C., George Tryfiates, director for government affairs, monitors issues of national concern.

ACSI Hails Landmark Supreme Court 7–2 Ruling in Religious Liberty Case

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ACSI Memo Regarding the USDE/DOJ Guidance Letter on Transgender Students

ACSI Memo Regarding the U.S. Department of Labor's Final Rule on Minimum Salary for Exempt Employees

ACSI Lawsuit Against Montana Resource Page: Armstrong et. al. v. Kadas

Impact on Christian Schools: the Supreme Court's Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Snapshot Article on Legal Legislative Services Legal Legislative Services Strengthens Your School's Response to New Laws and Moral Issues 

Key 16 Prayer List

Online Community Discussions 
Parallel Translation Bibles
I am looking for a better resource for Bibles to use with our international students. I like them to have a parallel translation or "bilingual" Bible so that they can study the Scriptures in English and in their native language.  .
School Sentries    
Our school board is discussing/exploring the possibility of having armed school sentries-school personnel who are armed, but not openly, and without the identity of the armed personnel openly known. There are some people who are very much in favor of this and others very much opposed.
Math Placement Exam—High School  
I am looking for a standardized high school math placement exam that I can give to our International applicants in their home country before they arrive in the US. We are trying to determine their math placement before they arrive at our school.  
Legislative Tracking Map
Map of USA

See what U.S. federal and state bills ACSI is tracking and how they will impact your school.

Hot Topics From Washington, D.C.

Current and pressing issues concerning Christian schooling and the non-profit faith community from ACSI's Director of Government Affairs in Washington, D.C., George Tryfiates.

Legal Legislative Update

Legal Legislative Update (LLU) newsletter is published three times a year as a member benefit to schools. The LLU contains timely articles on legal issues, human resource issues, and legislation that impacts member schools. Download or read a sample edition here. To view the latest issue or past issues select "Find Out More" below.  

Darkness to Light Abuse Prevention Training
ACSI is partnering with Darkness to Light to offer "Stewards of Children," a child sexual-abuse prevention training program for schools.
Legal Legislative Resources

Need information on a legal topic for your school? The Legal Legislative Department maintains a large number of resources that are all catagorized for ease of use. The categories include: School Leadership and Governance, Government Programs, Employment/Personnel, Student Issues, Finance/Insurance/IRS, Safety, and Liability Issues.

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Legal Defense Reimbursement Program (LDRP)
School Choice

The ACSI Legal Legislative Department supports school choice efforts in each state legislature. In this section, you will find sample legislation that schools can provide to their legislators to introduce in thier states. Each state and the school choice programs available in that state are also listed.  

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