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What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are used by many professions as a measure of ongoing training required to maintain credentials. When you engage in professional learning activities with ACSI or ACSI authorized Providers, you'll earn CEUs recognizing your efforts toward growing as an educator.

Who can I earn my CEUs from?

Find Out Here! (General Sources Accepted PDF)

You might also be interested in viewing the list of ACSI approved Organizations and Individual Providers. It is important to note that the courses these Providers offer have been approved for them. No course is approved across the board for anyone to take. All courses must be approved for the Provider before the Provider offers the course. If you wish to receive this list via email, please send your request to the ACSI CEU Coordinator at

Are you looking for Bible CEUs?

Bible CEU Information

We have put together a short list of outside Providers who are not only approved to offer ACSI CEUs but many of their approved courses can be taken online. See attached list #3.

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CEU Provider Information

An ACSI CEU Provider can be a member school, an organization or an individual. All Providers must go through the online application process except for the ACSI Accredited School. Because being a CEU Provider is a benefit for the ACSI Accredited School, no action is necessary.

CEU Provider Resources

CEU Provider Application Form

ACSI has recognized many CEU Providers that can provide training and award CEUs in biblical and/or educational studies for ACSI educators. These CEUs are used for ACSI certification. This process begins with the school, individual or organization completing and submitting the appropriate online application form.