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I have had a very positive experience with the ACSI Legal Defense Reimbursement Program. We had a troubling experience a few years ago and were able to get a referral from ACSI Legal to an attorney who was able to give us guidance. The ACSI Legal Defense Reimbursement Program paid for the legal advice. I appreciated both the referral and the reimbursement. The cost is so minimal for the benefit. We will always be members.

Diann Floth, Head of School
Billings Christian School

For over 15 years, ACSI has been helping schools prevent potential legal action through the Legal Defense Reimbursement Program (LDRP) fund. Through this practical program, ACSI provides pre-dismissal and preadmission legal counsel (up to $750) to participating schools before a decision is made that could place a school at legal risk. The annual service also provides up to $35,000 in reimbursement of attorneys' fees and litigation costs the school must pay due to certain types of employee or student legal claims or lawsuits.

LDRP 2021


The LDRP program covers such suits or claims as:

  • Student evaluation, discipline, or graduation practices
  • Suspension or dismissal of a student
  • Failure of the school to meet standards of student educational preparation
  • Discriminatory conduct toward students
  • Employee references; breach of employee contracts
  • Employee EEOC or state agency charges of discrimination  


ACSI Legal Defense Reimbursement Fund Overview For 2022-2023 School Year


Lawsuits not covered by the program include those where there is a physical injury to an employee or student, workers' compensation action or proceeding, or a sexual act directed against a student or employee. A school must follow the procedures outlined in the Indemnity Agreement to qualify for reimbursement. While the program is not an insurance policy and does not provide any casualty payments for a lawsuit, the annual fee of $325 for this service is well worth the value and peace of mind it can bring!

Questions about participation in the LDRP can be addressed by contacting the ACSI Public Policy & Legal Affairs Department at 719-867-0138. 

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**Please see the ACSI Legal Defense Reimbursement Fund Overview 2022 for complete coverage and details.**

ACSI helps schools prevent potential legal action by providing pre-dismissal and preadmission legal counsel (up to $750) through the Legal Defense Reimbursement Program (LDRP). The LDRP fund covers a variety of things such as: student evaluations, suspension of a student, breach of employee contracts, and much more. For a full list of coverage and more details visit our website at


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