REACH School Accreditation Documents

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Applications and Manuals

Self-Study Forms and Documents

ePlatform Documents

Information for Fulfilling Specific Indicators

Post-Visit Forms and Documents

EE Accreditation Documents

Supporting Documents for EE

Applications and Manuals

The applications and manuals below are for traditional EE-12 schools. If your school is predominantly an online school, or offers a hybrid program (students attend class 2-3 days each week and then complete teacher-assigned coursework at home the remainder of the week), there is a separate application with separate indicators. Please e-mail for more information.

Printable Application for Initial Accreditation (for initial application only with payment by check)

REACH Standards Checklist - 2019 Edition (must be submitted with the application)

Please note: It is recommended that you complete the online application (link below); however, if completing the paper application, please mail the application and fee to ACSI headquarters - address on the final page.

Online Application for Initial Accreditation (for initial application only with payment by credit card)

Please note: It is recommended that you complete written sections in a Word document, or similar, and save them to your computer prior to copy/pasting them into the online application. 

REACH Standards and Indicators Checklist (5/15/19)

REACH Standards Manual (5/15/19)

REACH Rubrics Manual (5/15/19)

REACH EE Evidence Guide (5/15/19)

REACH Accreditation by School Progress (ASP) Manual

School Administrator Handbook (7/12/19)

Self-Study Forms and Documents

Certification Spreadsheet - blank (12/12/19)

Certification Spreadsheet - sample (12/12/19)

Certification Spreadsheet FAQ (5/15/19)

How Has Certification Become More Flexible? (5/30/19)

Certification Documents Webpage (this will direct you to the page with the application, CPoE checklist, requirements charts, etc.)

Continuous School Improvement Plan Template (PDF, 5/28/19)

Continuous School Improvement Plan Template (Excel)

Request for Faculty Waiver (10/7/19)

Permanent Faculty Waiver Professional Growth Plan (5/28/19)

Temporary Faculty Waiver Progress Report  (6/11/19)

Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for EE-12 Schools (password: ACSI) (5/15/19)

Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for K-12 Schools (password: ACSI) (5/15/19)

Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for International Schools (password: ACSI) (5/15/19)

Indicator Ratings Spreadsheet for EE Standalone Schools (password: ACSI) (5/15/19)

ePlatform Documents

Self-Study Report Template (to guide completion in Word prior to entering information on the ePlatform) (4/18/19)

"Sample Christian School" Self-Study (12/2019)

Formatting a School Report (7/17/17)

Quick Reference Guide to Self-Study on ePlatform

Information for Fulfilling Specific Indicators

Please note: Several of the resources below are provided by, or link directly to, organizations outside of ACSI. These resources are intended to assist schools in thinking through various aspects of appropriate ways to comply with specific standards and indicators in ACSI’s accreditation protocol. The presence of these resources on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any outside organization, or an endorsement of any external links provided by the outside organizations.

Indicators 1.1 & 5.2: "Portrait of a Graduate" Expected Student Outcomes - Webinar 

Indicators 1.1 & 5.2: Expected Student Outcomes - Part 2: Assessment - Webinar (7/11/19)

Indicators 1.1 & 5.2: The Value of Expected Student Outcomes by Dr. Erin Wilcox

Indicator 2.4: Sample Conflict of Interest Policies - ECFA (4/26/19)

Indicator 2.4: Resources for Developing or Revising Conflict of Interest Policies - Nonprofit Risk Management Center (4/26/19)

Indicator 2.9: Options for Meeting Indicator 2.9 (10/8/2018)

Indicator 3.2: Conducting Demographic Assessments - Why is this Important? (7/9/19)

Indicators 3.6 and 8.1: FSCI and Accreditation - Use of Surveys (12/4/19)

Indicator 3.7: IRS Nondiscrimination Requirements (7/23/19)

Indicators 3.7 and 4.8: Nondiscrimination for Hiring (7/23/19)

Standard 4: Guidelines for Outside Contracted Teachers or Instructors (1/23/19)

Indicator 4.3: Definitions and Screening for Volunteers (8/12/19)

Indicators 4.4 & 4.6: How has Certification Become More Flexible? (5/30/19)

Indicator 4.7: School-Based Professional Development - Whitepaper by L. Swaner

Indicators 5.1 & 5.2: Biblical Integration - Webinar (7/12/19)

Indicator 5.2: Curriculum Overview by Dr. Erin Wilcox (7/13/19)

Indicator 5.2: Guidelines for Accepting Credits from Other Sources (7/12/17)

Indicator 5.3: Guidelines for Teaching Bible (10/6/17)

Indicators 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8: The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment Free webinar by Dr. Mike Ruyle, Marzano Research Associate (Marzano resources will be promoted)

Indicator 5.11: Guidelines for Defining Trained Staff in Library/Media

Indicator 6.1: Risk Alerts (provided by Church Mutual) (6/25/19)

Indicator 6.1: Armed Intruder Preparedness (provided by Church Mutual) (6/25/19)

Standard 8: Strategic Plan or Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP)? by Dr. Steve Dill (10/31/18)

Standard 8: Focus on the Process - Not Vocabulary: Why Distinguishing between Strategic Plans and Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP) is the Wrong Approach by Denver Daniel 

Standard 8: Strategic Plan/CSIP - Webinar

Post-Visit Forms and Documents

Evaluation of Visiting Team by Administrator (5/28/19) 

Evaluation of Visiting Team by Administrator (online version)

What Constitutes a Substantive Change in an Accredited School? (2/17/18)

Substantive Change Notification Form (5/28/19)

Statement of Financial Practice (5/28/19)

EE Accreditation Documents

Documents marked (S) - include in Self-Study; Documents marked (A) - include in annual report; Documents marked (I) - individual EE staff form

REACH Reference Guide for EE Documents (5/29/19)

Request for EE Staff Waiver (I) (5/10/19)

EE Staff Temporary Waiver Action Plan/Progress Report (I) (5/10/19)

EE Yearly Professional Development and Biblical Studies Report (I) (5/29/19)

EE Parent Survey (I) (5/29/19)

EE Staffing Report (S) (A) (5/29/19)

EE Annual Report Form (A) (6/22/18)

EE Yearly Staff Profile (blank) (S) (A)

EE Yearly Staff Profile (sample)

EE License Exempt Form (S) (5/29/19)

EE Background Screening Form (for license exempt programs) (S) (5/29/19)

Supporting Documents for EE

EE Age Group Ratio Guidelines (5/29/19)

EE Annual Staff Training Guidelines (5/29/19)

EE Curriculum Guide Mapping Sample

EE Curriculum Plan Information Sheet (5/29/19)

EE Expected Learner Outcomes (5/29/19)

EE Early Educator Core Competencies (5/29/19)

Please note: These and all REACH documents are the property of ACSI. ACSI grants permission for the use of these documents, in their published form, by ACSI member schools, and other Christian schools, for the purpose of ACSI accreditation and individual school improvement. These documents may not be incorporated into other accreditation instruments or used for personal or corporate gain. ACSI reserves the right to revoke permission of use at its discretion.