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ACSI's Early Education Resource Department serves member early education (EE) programs through consultation, assistance, and support. A resource team consults with each ACSI regional office to strengthen EE programs and equip EE educators through a variety of programs, products, and services. The EE department is headed by Sara Jo Dillard, M.Ed., who has served early education programs in various forms for more than 25 years.

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ACSI REACH 2.1 Training
Aug 28, 2017 - Aug 28, 2017

Online Community Discussions
Starting a Christian High School

Our church reunited with a larger church they had broke away from 25 years ago. The new larger reunited body is excited about being part of Christian education and want to explore the possibility of starting a Christian high school. Can you suggest any resources we should consult as well as any advice and pitfalls we should be alert for?

Has anyone subscribed to Elementary Librarian? If so, I am curious as to how it worked for you.
Advanced Placement (AP)

Some AP courses make school administrators nervous because of supposed humanism in some subjects and/or Darwinian evolution in some of the sciences. One good thing about the English AP's is that they are based on skills and not a set of required texts. The teacher can set his/her own curriculum (provided quality texts are used, of course).
Featured Publication

First Performances helps teachers assess Pre-K through Grade 3 students, provide targeted instruction, and monitor student progress toward standards.

Early Education Training Resource

The Early Education Director's Manual is a complete revised edition that has over 250 pages of practical insightful information on how to operate an effective early education center. It also includes a CD of customizable forms. 

Featured Resources
Religious Hiring—Discriminating on a Religious Basis in Employment Decisions

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees that U.S. employers which are established as religious organizations may discriminate on a religious basis when hiring and making personnel decisions.

What Schools Must Prove to Make Employee Decisions on Faith

Several court cases have examined the religious organization and religious criteria requirements. Member schools must be able to show not only their religious nature, but they also must be able to articulate religious criteria for the employment decisions they make.

Ten Reasons for Religious Staffing

For over thirty years, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, has honored the right of faith-based organizations to choose the employees who can best further their missions, by explicitly acknowledging in section 702(a) their freedom to use religious criteria when making employment decisions. This religious staffing option is not an exemption from the Civil Rights Act, but a freedom incorporated into it.

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We offer you a faith-based approach to early education. Check out the Early Education benefits folder!

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Early Education Accreditation

High-quality programs seek accreditation in order to validate they are striving for excellence. We believe that this pursuit matches the biblical directive of approving "things that are excellent" (Philippians 1:10, KJV).

The "accredited" seal denotes a program that has met institutional standards of quality and made a commitment to strategic improvement and ongoing accountability. Visit our Accreditation page to learn more about accrediting your early education program.