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ACSI's Early Education Resource Department serves member early education (EE) programs through consultation, assistance, and support. A resource team consults with each ACSI regional office to strengthen EE programs and equip EE educators through a variety of programs, products, and services. The EE department is headed by Sara Jo Dillard, M.Ed., who has served early education programs in various forms for more than 25 years.

Upcoming Early Education Events
Bible CEU Class
Jan 21, 2017 - Jan 21, 2017

Raleigh, NC Early Educator Conference
Jan 21, 2017 - Jan 21, 2017

Online Community Discussions
Hiring Qualifications for Head of School

I am curious as to what other schools use as criteria for hiring a head of school. We have a good job description once they are hired, but I'd like to hear what are qualifications for hiring.
Excused Absence for Educational Opportunities

We are looking at ways to update our school attendance policy. We are a small school serving Pre-K-8th grades with one self-contained class at each grade level.
Discipleship Program

Are any of you part of a school with a school-wide discipleship program? We are wanting to start one at our school. I would love to hear how it works, what you like about it, what challenges you face, what curriculum you use, and any other information you can share.
Featured Publication

First Performances helps teachers assess Pre-K through Grade 3 students, provide targeted instruction, and monitor student progress toward standards.

Early Education Training Resource

The Early Education Director's Manual is a complete revised edition that has over 250 pages of practical insightful information on how to operate an effective early education center. It also includes a CD of customizable forms. 

Featured Resources
48.6 Synergy-creating Family Practices

When it comes to raising godly children, many factors are outside our control. Even so, there are several things we, as parents, can do that will go a long way toward reaching this goal. Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas) and author of Running with the Horses, offers some insights here. —Dan

48.5 The Road To Damascus Versus the Agora

Our highest calling as parents is to raise spiritually mature children who can help re-form our continually decaying culture. Dr. Larry Taylor, head of Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), shares some great insights on what that process looks like.

48.4 Training "Acts 17" Children

False ideas. How in the world could false ideas be on the same level of destruction as drugs or immorality? Maybe this comment by the late philosopher Dr. Richard Rorty of the University of Virginia can provide insight.

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We offer you a faith-based approach to early education. Check out the Early Education benefits folder!

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Early Education Accreditation

High-quality programs seek accreditation in order to validate they are striving for excellence. We believe that this pursuit matches the biblical directive of approving "things that are excellent" (Philippians 1:10, KJV).

The "accredited" seal denotes a program that has met institutional standards of quality and made a commitment to strategic improvement and ongoing accountability. Visit our Accreditation page to learn more about accrediting your early education program.