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Launching Educators To Go & Teach Abroad

The ACSI Pre-field Orientation Course, PFO2Go, advances the Kingdom efforts of International Christian Schools by preparing Christian educators to teach outside their home country. The goal is to provide these teachers with confidence as they enter a new culture in which to both work and live thus fulfilling the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.



PFO2Go is for Incoming International Teaching Staff

Leaders of International Christian schools can make a solid investment in their incoming expat staff with the convenience and flexibility of on-line and on-demand learning. Whether teachers prepare before they go, watch on the plane flying to their new destination or take time during an initial quarantine window, all one needs is a laptop and Wifi to gain access this realistic, yet inspiring training.


Begin Anytime, From Anywhere

Moving to a new country and culture to work in an international Christian school is exciting. With over three decades of experience behind them, ACSI Global knows that an international move can also bring unanticipated challenges for some new hires. PFO2Go is designed to give new appointees a successful mindset that will help them navigate some of those challenges ahead and get them positioned for new adventure!

The PFO2Go course is best experienced with the aid of an advisor from the hiring school. While it is possible to take this course alone and with minimal guidance from the hiring school, the results will be better with the input of a trusted mentor from the school.

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Course Components

  • 5.5 hours of video content and approximately 6 hours of reflection activities
  • 16 engaging video presentations by 3 passionate presenters
  • 6 inspirational videos to encourage your heart
  • 4 Bible studies from the book of I Peter to set your mind to live as “scattered ones”
  • A detailed Learner Guide to take you step by step through the course and engage your thinking with activities and discussion
  • questions for each session and bible study
  • Full access to PFO2Go online community group for dialog with other international learners
  • 1.2 CEUs upon completion


Session Details

Course Opening
We start with a brief course overview and then give you an introduction to the big world of international Christian education.

Culture Track
The culture track introduces you to what culture is, gives you tools to engage wisely with a new culture, and tips to navigate the differences.

Third Culture Kids Track
The TCK track takes you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating and complex world of Third Culture Kids and gives you some tips on how to work effectively with them.

Transition Track
You may have experienced international travel before, but this time you are no longer a tourist. The Transition Track will prepare you for what is coming your way as you make the move overseas.

Child Safety Track
This track will introduce you to the basics of child safety in your work and ministry at an international Christian school.

Closing Sessions
In this final track, we will close with three sessions covering long-term wellness, risk mindset, and a course-ending challenge.


Teacher Track (optional)
In this optional track, we focus on a Christian philosophy of education in the overseas school setting. 1 hour 20 minutes of additional video content.

Boarding Track (optional)
In this optional track, we cover a myriad of issues that will help your new dorm staff start well in your boarding program. 1 hour 12 minutes of additional video content.

NEW Cultural IntelligenceTM Track (optional)
In this optional track, we discuss how culture impacts our thinking, our teaching, or even our discipling in the boarding home where you may serve. 2 hours and 50 minutes of additional video content.



Once you have registered online, you will receive a confirmation email that will grant you access to the remainder of the course tabs. The Learner Guide will be available on the Community and Resource tab, so be sure to download your guide before you begin!

Pricing and Registration:
  • Participant: $175.00pp - NEW LOWER RATE
  • Advisor from the hiring school is free (advisors must still register for access to all components)


    Once you have registered online, you will receive a confirmation email that will grant you access to the remainder of the course tabs. The Learner Guide will be available on the Community and Resource tab, so be sure to download your guide before you begin!

    "This is my second time of advising PFO2Go for Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria. It has proven to be a valuable resource for all those involved. As advisor, I enjoy the re-learning and reminders for my own life overseas as an expat among my Nigerian friends and colleagues! Thank you to all those who have worked, prayed, labored, prayed, devoted their time, and prayed over this program."
    Cheryl Talsma
    Fourth Grade Teacher/Member Care
    Hillcrest School

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