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ACSI's Early Education Department works with early education schools to strengthen programs and equip early educators as they prepare young children (ages birth through year five) spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively and influence children to love and follow Jesus Christ. We do that through consultations, services, and professional development-preparing teachers as they guide and mentor the children of God.

ACSI seeks to foster programs and educators that take a holistic approach to teaching and learning and embody a biblical worldview. You can learn more about our vision and values by reading our Foundation Statements.


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Accreditation Professional Development Community Thought Leadership
Verify and validate the quality of your program with ACSI accreditation—and push your program to be the best it can be.
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Equip and prepare your teachers through conferences and webinars taught by the best.
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Christian schooling is a global movement. Get connected with likeminded leaders who understand exactly what you're going through.
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The world is changing, and Christian schools need to prepare for a future that is challenging to imagine. Hear from leaders at the forefront of the movement about where Christian schooling is going—and where it needs to go.
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Sara Jo Dillard Jeannie Forrest Lisa Harmon
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Suzie Mohler Cindy Barnum Kim Brucker

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