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ACSI promotes the value and worthiness of accreditation and encourages each school to continuously pursue excellence. ACSI accreditation is a highly effective way for a Christian school to evaluate itself in light of its unique educational mission. An authentic Christian school may be thought of as involving these four interwoven educational strands:

  1. Academic ideas and thinking
  2. Skills for life and living
  3. Biblical worldview grounding
  4. Personal character, values, and spiritual formation

The "accredited" seal denotes a school that has met institutional standards of quality and that verifies a commitment to strategic improvement and ongoing accountability. The process of accreditation involves three significant elements:

  1. Intensive, institution-wide self-appraisal, analysis, and improvement planning
  2. External consultation, review, validation, and insights from a visiting peer group
  3. Ongoing accountability for improvement through annual reporting and renewal

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List of Accredited International Schools

List of Accredited International Schools

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