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Are you interested in working at an international Christian school overseas? International Christian schools need qualified, passionate individuals with a variety of skill sets to minister to the children of missionaries and expatriate families. ACSI’s member international schools are seeking to fill open positions for teachers, counselors, administrators, IT specialists, boarding personnel, school nurses, etc. for the next school year and for the future. Links below take you directly to the job opportunity page at each school. (We cannot attest to the accuracy or timeliness of each job board.)

You can also visit the ACSI Career Center and filter your search by type of position and location. Note: to view a complete list of open positions, you must visit a school's individual job board on their website. Member schools do not post each opening in the Career Center.

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Expected Student Outcomes
Blog May 9, 2022: Expected Student Outcomes: A Help, or Just Hype?

In the last five to ten years, there has been an increased emphasis on establishing expected student outcomes (ESOs) and using them throughout the school. Accreditation protocols at all levels require these student learning outcomes and colleges have used these as the basis for program and institutional effectiveness measures. Is this just a case of adopting some educational jargon, or is there an actual benefit behind this increased emphasis? In other words, are ESOs a help to schools in fulfilling their missions, or are they more educational hype?

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