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acsi board photo
Front Row – L-R: Collette House, Larry Taylor (ACSI President), Linda Harrelson and Milton Gonzalez
Back Row – L-R: Jay Ferguson (Chairman), Solano Portela, Elisa Carlson, Todd Marrah, Carl Martinez and Nate Johnson
Not Pictured: Tia Gaines, Kevin Kyser and Alan Miller
Todd Marrah, Chair

Elisa Carlson, Chair-Elect

Carl Martinez, Secretary

Jay Ferguson
Tia Gaines
Milton Gonzalez
Linda Harrelson
Collette House
Nate Johnson
Joseph Kim
Kevin Kyser
Alan L. Miller
Solano Portela

Point of View Livecast - Larry Taylor, Lauren McAfee

Sep 8, 2023, 08:28 AM by Amy Ward
ACSI President Dr. Larry Taylor joined host Kerby Anderson on Point of View Radio Talk Show sharing about the unique strengths of Christian education, how Christian schools have truly shone post pandemic, and the emphasis we at ACSI place on integrating a biblical worldview. 

Point of View Livecast - Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - Larry Taylor, Lauren McAfee from Point of View Ministries on Vimeo.