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The Department of Student Activities partners with schools to provide student enrichment and experience events. These events enhance learning beyond the classroom and challenge students to apply their God-given talents and abilities through experiential learning.

The Student Activities 2023-24 Event Calendar will be released summer 2023.

SA Art Icon-Deep Blue Art

Designed to encourage fine art education, promote creativity and expression, and glorify Jesus using artistic talent and personal expression, ACSI’s art events provide an opportunity to recognize and exhibit outstanding student artwork.


SA Creative Writing Icon-Orange Creative Writing

ACSI Creative Writing Festivals provide students an opportunity to develop and showcase their creative writing abilities and skills by having their best written works evaluated and shared with others.



The ACSI Debate Team Tournament provides an opportunity for students to develop important skills such as public speaking, research, critical thinking, and teamwork.


SA Leadership Icon-Green Leadership

Through powerful teaching, group discussions, experiential learning, and action planning, ACSI’s leadership experiences challenge students to develop a strong Biblical worldview, examine God’s calling on their lives to lead, and walk away poised to make a difference in their school, community, and world.


SA Math Icon-Light Blue Math

ACSI’s Math Olympics stimulates an interest in mathematics through competition and recognition of students’ achievements in the subject.


SA Music Icon-Deep Blue Music

ACSI music events give individual students and school performance groups an opportunity to discover their own potential for praising the Lord through music.


SA One Act Play Icon-Orange One Act Play

Good theatre is more than just entertainment, it can be invaluable in starting conversations and causing an audience to think deeper. In addition to celebrating the talents of young actors/actresses and crew members, the festival provides students with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback as they are encouraged to develop and showcase their talents. 


SA Speech Icon-Light Blue Speech

Cultivating skills that will contribute to effective leadership and ministry in their futures, the ACSI Speech Meet helps students develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with confidence in a live audience situation.


SA Spelling Icon-Deep Blue Spelling

ACSI Spelling Bees encourage proper and confident communication by developing good spelling habits and the awareness of accurate usage of words and vocabulary. Learning to be poised under pressure while confidently demonstrating knowledge allows students to develop valuable skills which equip them to continue to flourish as a learner.


SA STEM Icon-Orange STEM

ACSI and Grand Canyon University have partnered to sponsor competitions for students to advance their skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, with key emphasis on fulfilling their God-given purposes and service to others.



Our newest event, Venture: Startup Innovation Challenge, is a competition designed to spark creativity and foster innovation among aspiring entrepreneurs. Students will have the opportunity to develop a product, create a business plan, and pitch a proposal before a panel of judges. Valuable skills such as creative thought, innovation, and poise under pressure will be developed as students navigate this Venture Challenge.