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Early Education Conferences

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You Were Designed to Flourish!

The ACSI early ed team is committed to offering biblical integrated professional development for early educators while offering support and encouragement to help educators grow in their teaching skills. We are excited to be planning for early educator virtual conferences in 2022! Save the Dates!

Early Education Leaders' Summit (formerly Director's Day) Dates: January 21, 2022, or January 28, 2022 

Early Educators' Conference Dates: February 5, 2022, or February 26, 2022, or March 18, 2022

Hosting our first virtual early ed conference in early 2021 allowed us to grow as a team to develop and provide a new delivery model for high-quality PD. Nearly 1,000 educators from around the globe heard from Dr. Milt Uecker as he led keynote messages that inspired us to purpose together with extended hands, on behalf of the next generation’s well-being—and to examine what we can do so that children will continue to flourish.

Dr. Uecker is a wonderful teacher and really understands Early Educators! So thankful for him! Also, I am very thankful for all the scripture and prayer shared throughout the day!  Amarillo, TX

I have been reminded that I must take care of myself before I can minister to and teach the children in my class. I must be a healthy shepherd for my flock. I want to help my children grow, learn, and flourish! Apopka, FL

A selection of 16 breakout sessions led by experienced educators and presenters provided a variety for conference participants to choose from. Topics included social-emotional development, outdoor learning, self-regulation, inquiry learning, teaching math from a biblical perspective and more.

“All the speakers we heard from were great! Thank you for creating conferences such as these to help us as educators grow and learn!” Hawthorne, NJ

I thoroughly ENJOYED the speakers today and I cannot wait to take back the things I learned today to my classroom on Monday!!  Thank you so very much!  This is not my first year teaching, but my first year of our school starting a 3 year old preschool and what an exciting conference to help me see and implement learning with the Biblical views! St. Joseph, MO

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What have early educators said about ACSI Early Education Conferences?

"The conference made us feel as if we matter! Well loved. And everything related to early ed which made our time well spent!"

"This was my first ACSI conference as a Christian educator and I liked the aspect to freely talk and incorporate the love of God in the conversation with teaching."

"The presenters have a love for early education."