Member Benefits

Member Benefits for Christian Colleges and Universities

  1. ACSI Website
    • Listing as a member institution on ACSI website, with link to institutional website;
    • Listing of any scholarship offerings (for students or member school employees) on ACSI website;
    • Listing of any ACSI-approved coursework and available professional development opportunities for Christian school faculty, staff, and leaders (that leads to meeting certification requirements).
  2. ACSI Lists
    • A listing of ACSI member high schools with contact information;
    • Access to ACSI's list of Distinguished Christian High School Student Award winners.
  3. ACSI Services
    • Subscription to ACSI publications, including Legal Legislative Update.
  4. ACSI Sponsor Program
    • Membership fee is applied toward sponsorship level;
    • Application fee of $1500 is waived.

In Addition, HEAP Membership includes:

  1. All costs for pursuit/maintenance of HEAP status for teacher education department and graduate programs (excluding costs related to visits).
  2. When HEAP status is successfully obtained/maintained:
  • Automatic initial ACSI certification free of charge for qualified graduates from approved programs;
  • Consideration of faculty and students as potential ACSI Higher Education Professional Development Partners (development of online content for ConNEXUS Premium, and approval to present at ACSI professional development events);
  • Free samples of PDP textbook series for education department library;
  • Designation on ACSI website as a HEAP institution.
  • Discounted registration fees at certain ACSI events for program faculty and students.

Eligibility Requirements for Membership

Your institution must be accredited by a recognized (CHEA) accrediting agency, or, if not accredited by an approved accrediting agency, submit the following documentation to ACSI for evaluation and verification prior to membership approval:

  • Most recent institutional catalog
  • Proof of four years of existence
  • Proof of state, country, or provincial recognition as a degree-granting institution
  • Proof of faculty credentials and curricular credibility
  • Proof that credits transfer to fully accredited undergraduate or graduate institutions
  • Any other information deemed appropriate to assist in evaluation

Fall Events for the FY22-23 School Year

As you gear up for another school year, ACSI invites you to mark your calendar and plan to attend the many ACSI events and experiences in the United States possible.

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