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ACSI is privileged to be a part of God's robust worldwide movement in Christian schooling. The Global department is focused on serving two different international elements.

"International" Christian schools are those located outside of the U.S. that serve the expatriate community and often, a portion of the host country population. These schools use curricular programs originating outside their host country, employ internationally educated faculty, and specifically develop programs that prepare students for tertiary education outside the host country. Frequently, instruction is in English with a Western-style curriculum. The ACSI International School office within headquarters serves international schools located in more than 77 countries from ACSI headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"National" Christian schools are those located outside of the U.S. and primarily focus on serving the local population, following the curriculum guidelines of that particular country. ACSI has 20 country/regional offices around the world providing services to these national Christian schools movements. Our aim is to help provide culturally relevant, effective Christian education; led by local educators; that are economically sustainable in their own context.

Unique Services for International Schools

Our office provides services that are consistent with USA membership benefits plus a few unique items for international schools

  • Accreditation services tailored for the international environment
  • Live conferences in key regions
  • PreField Orientation for new hires going overseas
  • International School Job Fair Tours
  • Safe storage of school records
  • A monthly international newsletter and prayer community

Click on the International Benefits tab to see a complete list of member benefits!

Serving together,

Tim Shuman
Regional Director for International Schools