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ACSI is helping our members make the most out of their membership through monthly webinars. You can find the Maximize Your Membership recording in your ACSI Insider Newsletter each month.

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August 16, 2023
ACSI Student Leadership & Learning
ACSI Student Leadership & Learning enhances learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools, educators, and students with a variety of experiences. Learn how your students can get involved and use their God-given talents and abilities through experiential learning inside and outside the classroom!
September 20, 2023
Credentialing Educators with ACSI
Learn more about ACSI’s new Certification System and how it benefits your staff, administrators, and students!
November 2023
Strategic Partners
ACSI partners with mission-minded, highly qualified organizations to provide our Member schools and educators with important resources. Join us to learn more about this program and how our Strategic Partners can serve your school!  information coming soon!
December 2023
Day of Prayer
Get the details about ACSI's Day of Prayer and learn about ways you and your schools can unite across the globe to pray for Christ-centered education. 
January 2024
Focus on Educators
Learn about the ACSI and Colson Center’s “worldview retreat” for educators, "Rooted", happening in June 2024, as well as additional professional development opportunities through our on-demand ACSI PD Online Courses.
Attend ACSI Leadership Network Meetings to connect with fellow school leaders in your area
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