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ACSI member schools in the Eastern Division are invited to participate in the One Act Play Festival.   

There is currently one scheduled One Act Play Festival at Eagles Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, GA on November 6, 2021. If other ACSI member schools are interested in hosting this event, please email

The Christian perspective of performing and dramatic arts is to effectively communicate with an audience by using God-given talents and gifts with integrity. God is our creator [Genesis 1:1] and we are most like Him when we exercise our own creativity and imagination. 

Good theatre is more than just entertainment, it can be invaluable in starting conversations and causing an audience to think deeper. Performers and technicians who have a Biblical world view and who apply the principles of Scripture to their art and gifts have the power to become a light bearer in a dark world. Jesus tells us to be shrewd and harmless [Matthew 10:16] when dealing with darkness. Paul demonstrated being shrewd and harmless when he spoke with the Athenians, quoting their poets and speaking of their culture, while sharing the gospel. As a result, some became believers [Acts 17:16-34].

Jesus’s use of parables to teach important moral and ethical principles can be found throughout the gospels. Students should be taught that through the use of vivid imagery and expression they are able to not only portray, but also teach. Because of this, high emphasis should be given to the potential message of the chosen play and how it is abridged for time parameters of the One Act competition. [1 Corinthians 10:23]

In addition to celebrating the talents of young actors/actresses and crew members, the festival provides students with the opportunity to receive valuable feedback as they are encouraged to develop their talents. Objectives are

  • To exalt Jesus Christ in every aspect by using gifts and talents with highest excellence [Colossians 3:23] and with a genuine regard for righteousness [Matthew 12:36-37].
  • To properly interpret literature and communicate major themes with intellectual discerning, spiritual and emotional sensitivity, and dynamic characterizations.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of both verbal and nonverbal communication in use of acting, set design, lighting design, sound design, and other aspects of theatrical presentations.
  • To enjoy fellowship with students from other Christian schools and to benefit from observation of watching various interpretations of plays.

Ensembles present plays for evaluation. Three qualified judges, provided by participating schools, evaluate each play entered based on criteria. Plays are awarded based on their scores and receive evaluative comments from each judge. Actors, actresses and crew members are also awarded individually for outstanding work. Awards are also given for best overall performances.

Students in Grades 6–12 from ACSI member schools may participate. Each registered school may enter a maximum of 2 plays if the schedule permits.


Adjudication & Awards

Three judges will evaluate each entry. Awards include Judges' Choice, Best Set Design, Best Use of Technology, Best Ensemble, Best Play, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor and All Star Cast.

Entries are adjudicated based on criteria and in direct comparison to other works.

Registration & Fees

  • School Registration Fee: N/A
  • Student Participation Fee: $210 per play, due at registration. There is no separate school registration fee.

For additional information, please contact a Student Activities team member.