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The International Math Competition is designed to celebrate and cultivate mathematical excellence worldwide. It serves as the ultimate platform for aspiring mathematicians in grades 3-8 to demonstrate their adept skills, challenge their intellectual capacity, and push the boundaries of their mathematical competency.

With three rigorous levels of testing, this competition provides a unique platform for students to compete against the best minds globally. 

The competition will take place in the Spring for ACSI member schools and be conducted online during testing windows from February through early April. 

The competition is a digital event only. All testing will be conducted online at each registered school for each level.



Testing Information

A series of timed tests are administered digitally over multiple rounds. The competition categories include arithmetic computation, involving fundamental operations, and mathematical reasoning, requiring advanced reasoning and may incorporate multiple operations and concepts. Each student competes against others in their respective grade and category. Students with the highest percentage of correct answers advance to the next round, culminating with international winners for grades 3-8 in Computation and Reasoning.

Level 1: The Foundations Round - In this initial round, participants will tackle a diverse array of fundamental mathematical problems, testing their understanding of basic concepts and problem-solving abilities. To advance to the next round, students must achieve a minimum score demonstrating proficiency in foundational mathematical principles.

Level 2: The Advanced Round - Those who successfully navigate the Foundations Round will face even more complex challenges in the Advanced Round. Participants will need to demonstrate a deep understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and exhibit exceptional problem-solving prowess. Only those who meet the rigorous criteria for excellence will progress to the final round.

Level 3: The Championship Round - The pinnacle of the International Math Challenge, the Championship Round is reserved for elite mathematicians. Here, participants will encounter the most demanding mathematical problems, requiring ingenuity, creativity, and precision to solve. Only the top performers from the Advanced Round will have the opportunity to compete at this level, where one student per grade level per category will be esteemed as the International Math Champion.


Additional information on concepts tested will be available when registration opens.

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