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Speech (447 × 447 px)The ACSI Speech Meet is designed to help students cultivate skills that contribute to effective communication and leadership.  Throughout this experience, students develop public speaking skills such as projection, expression, articulation of thought, poise, and application of concise thought while presenting in a live audience situation.  Students do not compete against one another; they are judged against established criteria.

Students in grades 1-8 are eligible to participate in the ACSI Speech Meet. A school may enter a maximum of 36 entries and is encouraged to spread those entries evenly between grade levels and categories. Students are limited to participation in one category, within their own grade level.

Speech Meets are hosted by ACSI member schools in-person; dates vary.

Speech Meet Categories:


Grade 1 Categories

  • Bible Memorization
  • Poetry

Grades 2-4 Categories

  • Bible Memorization
  • Poetry
  • Fable and Folklore

Grades 5-6 Categories

  • Bible Memorization
  • Poetry
  • Patriotic Oration
  • Dramatic Bible Prose
  • Original Speech

Grades 7-8 Categories

  • Bible Memorization and Application
  • Dramatic/Humorous Poetry
  • Original Speech
  • Dramatic/Humorous Costumed Monologue
  • Dramatic/Humorous Reading (Prose)
  • Puppets
  • Visual Aid

Adjudication & Awards

Entries are judged based on a rubric rather than in direct comparison to other students. Superior, excellent, and good scores are awarded with ribbons.  

Registration & Fees

  • School Registration Fee: $85 per event by October 13, 2023 ($105 after deadline)
  • Student Participation Fee: $15 per entry 30 days before the event ($5/student late fee after deadline)

For additional information, please contact a Student Leadership & Learning team member.


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