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Creating Enriching Experiences Beyond the Classroom


Through our Student Learning Programs, Student Leadership & Learning partners with K-12 schools and universities worldwide to deliver purposeful learning experiences. Learning is most impactful when connected to real-world issues, meaningful experiences, and a biblical worldview. Our programs, designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and inspire students to make a difference in their communities, go beyond the traditional classroom. They offer transformative experiences that connect learning with a biblical worldview.

Student Leadership & Learning programs and challenges are offered in many different formats.  Please refer to each program for specific information.



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International Christian STEM Competition

In partnership with universities, ACSI Student Leadership & Learning provides an International Christian STEM Competition (ICSC) for grades 7-12 students. This STEM program is designed to showcase the incredible potential of students from Christian schools in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). With a unique blend of academic rigor and faith-based values, this competition aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration while reinforcing the integration of faith and scientific exploration.

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International Math Competition

The International Math Competition provides an opportunity for students in grades 3-8 to demonstrate their math skills in a competitive setting. A combination of timed tests is given in a series of rounds in a digital format. The areas of competition include Arithmetic Computation (fundamental operations) and Mathematical Reasoning (may involve multiple operations and concepts and will require a high level of reasoning). Each student competes against other students in his or her grade and category across the globe with the highest percentage of correct answers advancing to the next round, culminating in national winners for grades 3-8 in Arithmetic Computation and Mathematical Reasoning.

This competition will take place in the Spring and will be conducted in testing windows beginning in February through early May.

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Performing & Fine Arts 


The Performing & Fine Arts Program presents a unique opportunity for individual students and school performance groups in grades 3-12 to demonstrate their talents and acquire new skills, all while embracing and utilizing their God-given abilities. These Performing & Fine Arts programs encourage students to refine their musical and artistic abilities and gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of using their gifts to glorify God.


ACSI Performing and Fine Arts Programs are developed and implemented in partnership with schools and universities.


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Speech & Rhetoric


The Speech & Rhetoric Program provides students in grades 1-12 the opportunity to learn the art of speech and rhetoric through a purposefully connected speech program. This contextualized program embeds learning within a meaningful, real-world context founded on biblical worldview principles and facilitates collaborative learning within your student community. This program is adaptable and can be effectively implemented across schools of any size or grade level. 



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Venture: Entrepreneurial Innovation Program

The Venture Entrepreneurial Program for grades 3-12 provides students the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills through various activities aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the biblical perspective on entrepreneurship. It emphasizes that entrepreneurship is a uniquely human ability that can serve others and further God’s kingdom, requiring innovative thinking, self-sacrifice, godly wisdom, patience, and a commitment to glorify God. The program focuses on real-world applications and fosters collaborative learning within a flexible and adaptable framework.

This program is divided into three components: the Upper Elementary Young Entrepreneurs Program, the Middle School Program, and the High School Program. It offers a variety of entrepreneurial activities and promotes lifelong learning, progressing throughout all 3-12 levels. The program builds on previous knowledge as students grow and mature in entrepreneurial skills, ensuring a meaningful and engaging educational experience throughout.

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ACSI Spelling Bee Information


The ACSI Spelling Bee Kit, designed for grades 1-8, will be available in the fall for schools to purchase and run their own Spelling Bee. 


Price for the Spelling Bee Kit (grades 1-8 all included) - $290


Each Kit includes everything needed for grades 1-8 and contains the following:


1. Instructions for running an ACSI Spelling Bee at your school

2. Practice word lists - including 200-300 practice words, pronunciations, and sentences per grade level

3. Description of types of words to study

4. Winner's certificates

5. Spelling Bee word list 



New this year - ACSI Divisional and International Spelling Bees are going digital! These are optional opportunities for the winning students of the grade 5-8 school-hosted Spelling Bees. The Divisional and International Spelling Bees will be online live competitions held in the spring of 2025. More information will be coming in the Fall of 2024.


*To participate in the ACSI Divisional and International Spelling Bees, students must participate in a school-hosted Spelling Bee utilizing an ACSI Spelling Bee Kit purchased by their school.



Spelling Bee Resources

The Spelling Bee Resources will be available for purchase at the ACSI store in the fall of 2024. This new program is made available through ACSI's Educational Resources Department. Additional information from the Educational Resources team will be coming soon.


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