Flourishing in the City

Flourishing in the City

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ACSI and Spreading Hope Network are excited to present this series of virtual and in-person gatherings designed for educators serving socio-economically and ethnically diverse student populations. 

The aim of our time is fellowship, refreshment, and strategic consultation on issues you are facing. In addition to targeted instruction, our small group sessions will help you gather insight from fellow leaders and teachers on practical or strategic issues you are facing in your school. Our prayer is that each teacher and leader will leave with renewed zeal, deepened insights, and new peers to reach out to in the future. 


Flourishing In the City

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  • Virtual: August 2, 2024 | 2-3:30pm EST

    Cultivating Calm: Strategies for Managing Stress and Promoting Resilience in Christian Schools

    In this interactive and reflective webinar, educators in Christian schools will explore effective strategies and habits for handling stress and feeling overwhelmed. Dr. Justina Jenkins and Darrell Gillespie, Head of Family Ministry and Dean of Students for Hope Academy, will lead us through meaningful discussions as we generate practical ideas on how to reach our goal of shaping an environment that promotes peace and resilience in the face of difficult and stressful situations. This session will also delve into how teachers can support students in managing their stress and developing the skills to respond to and recover from challenges effectively. Participants will leave with actionable insights and a strengthened sense of community support.

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  • Virtual: October 11, 2024 | 2-3:30pm EST
  • More details coming soon

  • Virtual: April 11, 2025 | 2-3:30pm EST
  • More details coming soon

Benefits For Teachers & Leaders

Leaders and teachers are encouraged to attend! 

  • Networking opportunities with likeminded individuals: both in person and online events will offer breakout groups
  • CEU credits, which can be used towards future ACSI certification
  • Christ-centered, biblical worldview-focused, high-quality, relevant, research-based content for immediate application in your classrooms
Past Event Recordings

Selected clips from previous gatherings:

    Effective, Christlike Teachers  | April 5, 2024
    Dr. Justina Jenkins led this interactive session as we explored the qualities and strategies of effective, Christlike teachers within an urban school context. As we evaluated practices such as exhibiting humility and servanthood, promoting justice and fairness, encouraging kindness and generosity, teaching with integrity and honesty, and practicing forgiveness and grace, we also generated ideas with one another on practical applications in the classroom and for hiring policies and recruitment.