Student Leadership & Learning

Student Leadership Experiences

Student leadership development is a vital component to incorporate into your educational program. ACSI Student Leadership & Learning offers a variety of student leadership development events crafted to equip students with an understanding of what it means to lead with intentionality and purpose, reinforce their biblical worldview, and increase their cultural influence for Jesus. These Student Leadership Experiences allow students to experience the challenge of real-world problem-solving, engage in the process of leadership development, and learn to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities for His glory.

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We realize it isn’t enough to provide student leadership events for your students. We also desire to equip you, the educator, with the tools you need to develop a student leadership culture on your campus – to take what they have learned and begin to apply it in their school and local community. That’s why we are providing experiences for educator development through our Student Leadership Institute events.

 Topics include:
  • Developing a Leadership Culture on Campus
  • Equipping Students for Self-Leadership
  • Implementing Discovering Learning Through Enrichment and Experiences

Dates and Locations Coming Soon!