Flourishing Devotionals

The nine Flourishing devotionals are designed to be used as either personal devotions or for use with your staff as a group devotional. Each is written by a thought leader in Christian education who is also a speaker at the ACSI Flourishing Schools Institute. Each topic aligns with a domain and construct from the Flourishing School Culture Model research and focuses on flourishing for educators.

Lynn Swaner, Ed.D.

This devotional discusses our view of ourselves, particularly the value of the feedback from a friend. How can we give and receive feedback in a more biblical way?

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Dave Hill

In this devotion, Dave Hill takes a look at that trait that can make the difference between rising to or falling under a challenge: Resilience.

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Insular Culture
Walter Strickland, Ph.D.

This devotional takes a look at the God-driven need to come together despite our differences

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Larry Taylor, Ph.D.

In this devotional, Larry Taylor takes a look at the role family relationships have in our lives and how to ensure we are intentional in this realm.

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Outcomes Focus
Althea Penn, Ed.D.

In this devotional, Althea Penn takes a look at the need to be connected to the Father in order to flourish.

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Resource Constraints
Peter Greer

Peter Greer walks us through the reminder that with God, there is always enough.

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Responsiveness to Special Needs
Elizabeth Dombrowski

This devotional takes a look at how special needs impact all of us, and how we as Christians need to respond.

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Rex Miller

Rex Miller takes a look at the two sides of stress from a biblical perspective and gives practical advice to maintain a healthy balance.

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John Stonestreet

In this devotional, John Stonestreet takes a look at the role answering fundamental questions plays in ensuring a clear view of God’s role for us.

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