Student Activities

SA Math Icon-Light BlueMath Olympics provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their math skills in a competitive setting. A combination of timed tests are given in a series of rounds. Each student competes against other students in his or her grade and category. The areas of competition include arithmetic computation and mathematical reasoning. Students in Grades 3–8 from ACSI member schools may participate. Each school may register 3 students per category per grade (max. 36 students). 

Math Olympics will be offered as in-person and digital events in 2023-24. For in-person events, Math Olympics testing, grading, and award ceremonies will be conducted live at a local host school (dates vary by location). For digital events, participating schools will facilitate the testing of their own students on their own campus, grade their students' tests, and email the scores to the Chairperson using the provided Tabulation Form for final review and to determine the award winners.

The Digital Submissions Deadline for School Tabulation Forms is March 8, 2024, and participation forms and fees are due February 8, 2024. In-person event dates vary by location.

  • Arithmetic Computation: Paper/pencil computational problems such as fundamental operations. 
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Paper/pencil problems that are more difficult than the daily mathematical assignments of the student's grade level, such as story problems, patterns, and puzzles. Problems involve more than one operation and/or concept and may require a high level of reasoning.

Adjudication & Awards

Ribbons are awarded to the top five places in each grade level and category. The 1st place student in each grade level and category with an 85% or higher score is awarded an Olympic-style medallion.

New for 2023-24: Upon completion of the Math Olympics season, schools will have the option to purchase a Results Report that allows you to compare your individual school's results against digital Math Olympics averages in your respective Division and/or across the Nation. Pricing TBD.

Registration & Fees

  • School Registration Fee: $75 by October 13, 2023 ($95 after deadline)
  • Student Participation Fee: $12 per student due 30 days before the in-person event, or by February 8, 2024, for digital events ($5/student late fee after deadline) 

For additional information, please contact a Student Activities team member.