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Chairperson & Coordinator Resources

ACSI Student Leadership & Learning provides event handbooks and resources for all of our activities to assist school Coordinators and event Chairpersons in preparing for their upcoming events. School Coordinators are responsible for overseeing student and volunteer adult participants from his or her own school. Event Chairpersons manage a group of registered schools for a specific Student Leadership & Learning event.

NEW for 2023-24: To enhance the learning experience and promote independent skill development, we have transitioned from providing published Spelling Bee lists to offering a sample of practice words. This shift encourages participants to engage more deeply with the language, fostering a better understanding of word patterns and origins. By adopting this innovative approach, learners will transition away from rote memorization, embracing the exploration of diverse practice options tailored to their unique needs. This shift will enable them to refine their spelling abilities and enhance their language proficiency with greater efficacy. This change both protects the integrity of the Spelling Bee lists used in competition and empowers participants to take ownership of their learning journey, building a solid foundation for success not only in Spelling Bees but also in broader linguistic pursuits.

Note: All Student Leadership & Learning resources are password protected. The password is given to the school coordinator once registration has been confirmed by ACSI. All questions may be directed to a Student Leadership & Learning team member.

Local Spelling Bees (Grades 1-8)


Spelling Bee Kits


Spelling Bee Kits are available for purchase until April 15th, 2024. ACSI Spelling Bee Kits provide schools with the resources needed to conduct a Spelling Bee event with their students on their own campus during the school year. Spelling Bee Kit prices vary based on the grade levels that will be participating in the school Spelling Bee (Grades 1-4, Grades 5-8, or Grades 1-8).

Once the School Registration Form is submitted, Spelling Bee Kit Coordinators will receive an automatic email confirmation that includes the passwords to access the Spelling Bee Kit resources. If the Coordinator does not see an email in their inbox within a few minutes, please check their email Junk folder before contacting an ACSI Student Activities team member.

If a school purchases a Spelling Bee Kit, they will not be allowed to also participate in an in-person Local or Divisional Spelling Bee, and vice versa.