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Student Leadership Summits held globally offer an immersive experience for aspiring leaders in grades 8-12, blending servant leadership training, biblical worldview, ethics, and career explorations. Through collaborative sessions led by leadership experts, apologists, and experts in specialized fields of study, students engage in hands-on activities and discussions that cultivate leadership skills rooted in a biblical worldview. These summits provide a platform for students to develop and expand their leadership potential, develop a deeper understanding of ethical decision-making, and gain practical insights into various career paths. By fostering a Matthew 20:26-28 approach to leadership development, these summits empower students to become servant leaders who positively impact their communities and shape the future with Christ-like wisdom and compassion.

Summit Session Content

  • Servant Leadership 
  • Making a Cultural Impact through Service Learning 
  • Apologetics/Biblical Worldview/Ethics 
  • Career Exploration  


Student Leadership Summit Location & Information



Bangkok, Thailand

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                                                                                                        Pre-conference excursion opportunities will be available

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Conference Info

ACSI's Student Leadership Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, is a transformative program designed to inspire and equip student leaders through a biblical worldview. This summit features collaborative sessions led by leadership experts, skilled apologists, and specialists from various academic and professional fields.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Bangkok, students will participate in dynamic hands-on activities, cultural experiences and exploration, and thought-provoking discussions aimed at cultivating essential leadership skills. The summit offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Develop Leadership Potential: Engage in interactive breakout sessions that enhance your ability to lead with confidence and integrity.
  • Ethical Decision-Making: Delve into sessions that provide a deeper understanding of making ethical decisions grounded in biblical principles.
  • Career Insights: Gain valuable insights into various career paths from specialized field experts, helping align your professional aspirations with your faith.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich culture of Thailand through exploration and engagement with local traditions, enhancing your global perspective.
  • Global Engagement: Connect with students from schools around the world, fostering international friendships and collaborative learning.

Guided by the principles of Matthew 20:26-28, this summit emphasizes servant leadership, encouraging students to lead with humility, wisdom, and compassion. By the end of the summit, students will be empowered to positively impact their communities and shape the future with Christ-like character. They will return to their schools prepared and ready to implement positive change.


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